Majida Housni (@iammajida)

Majida Housni (@iammajida)

What does a successful entrepreneur make? Self-disciple, determination, integrity, and a healthy dose of unbridled and unadulterated persistence. Now, one would normally go ahead and assume that such qualities are inherently masculine – but one individual going by the name of Majida Housni – has not only managed to destroy such a notion utterly but on top of having a seemingly natural knack for being a serial entrepreneur, Majida dons multiple other hats of fashion designer, women advocate and social media personality.

Having been a part of the business world since she was only eighteen years old, the young entrepreneur explains that her magnum opus, the “Maison Maj Group,” came into being after “years of traveling around the globe and working with A-list businessmen and celebrities.” Graduating from owning beauty centers in Dubai to being the first North African/Arab to open her shop in Beverly Hills and operating stores on both Rodeo Drive and Camden Drive in the golden triangle of Beverly Hills, This ambitious young woman is now the proud owner of two successful and prosperous companies. Proving to all the doubters and cynics that Magida’s repertoire as a capable young woman is not for show.

Upstarted in 2013 and debuting in 2017, respectively, “Royal Legacy” is Majida and her long-trusted friend from her days studying at the fashion capital, Frace – Hicham Benslimane’s  – love child. Deciding to open shop none other than on the one and only Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Royal Legacy combines fashion and prêt-à-porter items in a wonderful display of Arab couture culture. Having attracted and dressed many-a A-lister celebrities, Majida’s time at Royal Legacy saw her dream of bringing beautiful Arabian fashion to the Western world fulfilled.

Having felt like her goals fulfilled, she’s since left the fashion industry to pursue her dreams, stating that “My path to self-employment seemed like a natural evolution to me.”Her concierge service – aptly named the “Maison Maj club” – is a social club for a hand-picked of like-minded people who share a passion for the best things in life and seek more out of every experience. A strong believer in the merits of compatibility and pleasant conversations with like-minded individuals, Majida created MCC with the prime focus of bringing such people together and establishing a well-connected community with members from all over the world with a range of diverse ethnic backgrounds and professions. Having partnered up with some of the world’s finest luxury and lifestyle brands, Majida aims to create a membership that extends beyond the club with members in over twenty-five counties around the world. Placing luxury at the center of her brand, the service provides all those a part of the community the opportunity to attend social events where members can converse, build synergies, and share world views while experiencing everything life has to offer.

Conversely, having built a solid reputation to stand on, this savvy CEO has also turned to use her social media platform on Instagram to help other women find their calling. With an astounding seventeen thousand followers and counting, this young woman uses her account as a way to not only promote brands – her own or others’ – but also provides her followers; who are a mix of fans and aspirational girls in their teens looking to her as their role model – with an insight to her life. With the hopes of making the world see that she is just like everyone else and wants her followers to partake in all her adventures and fun vicariously, the young woman makes sure that her followers not only look at her as a success story but rather as a friend. From engaging stories which capture all the important moments of her life (such as the time when she attended Al Fadal, Beruit in 2016 to the more mundane moments like her visits to the gym, Majida wants people to understand that she is just as human as she and that they too have what it takes to reach the top. It comes as no surprise then that she has been so quick to capture the hearts of so many aspiring future girl-bosses.