Maher Alkhawndi

Maher Alkhawndi

With technology changing at an increasingly fast-paced rate, coming to terms and adapting to this change has never been more crucial than now. For entrepreneurs, things can be hard anyway due to how highly competitive the world is. For entrepreneurs, one of the things that set them apart from everyone else is a technological unique selling point. As technology keeps advancing, entrepreneurs also need to change their game repeatedly to count for the change. Innovation is very important in the world of entrepreneurship. To build one’s brand and then their customer based, entrepreneurs, need to bring something new to the table constantly.

Being innovative is also not a skill that a person can learn in a day or two. It needs time, patience and a great effort to nurture. To create something truly new, unique and innovative, a person also needs to challenge themselves and can think differently to come to that outcome. Innovation also adds value to an already existing product or brand and then consequently make the entrepreneur more successful. However, an important thing to remember here is that innovation is not an easy skill to have.

Maher Alkhawandi is one such entrepreneur. Maher is a successful technological engineer and entrepreneur based in Kuwait. He works mainly with website and mobile application development. He has been working hard on various new online businesses to develop strategic marketing and development plans for them. He also runs various mobile apps and websites for them to make sure that their online presence is innovative and fit for the clients.

For Maher, he had always known that he would go into a creative field when he would grow up. When he was a child, he had decided that he would be an innovator. Due to his interest, he used to keenly read life stories of legends in the fields of computer technology and get inspired by their work and lives that shape their careers. Following his dream, Maher graduated from the American University of London as a computer engineer. After graduation, he dedicated all of his time to work with new online businesses and help them make them technologically ahead and successful. Quite a lot of his work has been regarded as blueprint models for other young entrepreneurs in the industry. 

Maher operates in the business primarily through his website at the URL This is where a lot of online businesses reach out to him to work with them. It is also important to note that while Maher is based in Kuwait, he gets offers to work from business all around the globe. Maher uses his skills to fit the needs and wants of clients in all global markets to make sure the business’ online presence is in the best hands.

With the sheer determination and passion to stand out creatively, Maher also owns and handles several different companies. These include the URLs,, and in addition to his personal website mentioned earlier.

All of his projects are deeply innovative to fit and help different segments of the population with their needs and want. For example, is an online platform that helps people in keeping track of COVID-19 news and data such as the number of deaths, recoveries and prevention tips all customized so that they can be focused on a specific area.

While Maher is as successful as he is in the industry, he is planning and looking ahead to work even more in the world of developing business strategies for online clients. He hopes to do his part in helping as many people as he can as the pandemic has hindered in plans of successful businesses all over the world. He wants to help not only the businesses but also the people who benefit from such businesses.

One can keep updated with Maher through his Instagram page at the handle @maher.