LW Group of Companies (@ lw_group)

LW Group of Companies (@ lw_group)

LW Group is a group of highly esteemed companies in various global industries such as fashion, textile, medical, property development, wealth management, franchising and technology. While they have been very successful in all of the areas they have engaged in so far, they are planning to expand their work to the field of real estate. It is like whatever area of work they touch; they are extraordinarily brilliant at it.

For LW Group’s big break in the real estate industry, they are planning to start with working on 5plus Architects on multiple different proposals for 15-storey high building schemes close to Property Alliance Group’s Oxygen Tower in Manchester, United Kingdom. This was also the site that Westward Estates Development had mapped out for their projects but then the planning consent came to lapse.

While the project LW Group is engaging in is still in its early stages of planning, it seems very worth the wait. LW Group has planned to include a black and gold colour scheme with a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments to be a part of the fifteen-storey building. While the number of total apartments that will be included in the building finally is yet to be confirmed, one can estimate that it would be a generous amount considering the floors and the size of the building.

Aside from the bedrooms and a quality location, LW Group also plans to include a basement space reserved for an amenity which would include a 2,000 square feet pool, a sauna and jacuzzi in addition to a steam room for its residents and users.

LW Group has also planned for the fifteen-storey building to include a designated floor reserved for office spaces with a shared courtyard that would overlook the grade two listed Store Street Aquaduct. Not only will the building provide a safe, pleasant place to live but also a productive and beautiful place to work at.

LW Group is owned by Faizal Atcha, an upcoming and leading figure in the industry who is heading the group’s upcoming projects and directions. Atcha has high expectations and plans for the project where his main aim is to provide a high-end, boutique-style experience for the building’s residents and users.

To help reach his goals, Atcha has partnered with the likes of Jeremy Knight, a prominent figure in the property investment industry. While the project is still in its preliminary stages of planning, Atcha has still accomplished quite a lot with it. Before Atcha’s plan was approved, two applications for the apartment blocks were approved but not taken forward to be worked on. Atcha’s plans stood out compared to those and were ultimately approved to be worked on.

One of these projects was by Welbeck Land who had won the approval for a nine-storey building that comprised of sixteen apartments but the project did not progress due to monetary and economic concerts. The second project was more recent. Proposed by Westward Estates Developments who have secured relevant permissions from the Manchester State Council for a thirteen-storey building that was supposed to have 34 apartments but was also ultimately rejected. Since these both, LW Group is the only one of these organizations that have gotten this far when it comes to this site and also has the most ambitious plan ahead as well.

Given LW Group’s track record with their work in a diverse set of industries such as textile, fashion, property development, asset management, franchising, technology and medical fields, it will come as no surprise when this project also takes off as the previous ones have so far. To keep up with all of the work that they do, one can follow LW Group on their Instagram page at the handle @lw_group. One can also give them a call to enquire about their work at the phone number +44 2071172987.