Luxury Vacation Homes (@laestaterentals)

Luxury Vacation Homes (@laestaterentals)

Everyone dreams of a Wedding lunch at a beautiful mansion with many of their guests, or maybe a stay at a mansion with your friends and family during your trip. La Estate is a real estate company that provides luxury mansions and villas for vacation purposes. These villas contain everything a person’s dream vacation house would have. These Mansions have huge bedrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court, huge dining rooms and sitting areas. A large number of bathrooms with all beautiful accessories installed along with huge living kitchens to full fill the need of a luxurious cooking experience.

The indoor and out door Swimming pools are well maintained and kept clean, its cleanliness is the house keepers responsibility. These swimming pools are beautiful looking and the ambiance created around them is just worth it. To enjoy the ambiance of the swimming pool and to have a good time there are comfortable chairs placed right next to them for a good time. Small and comfortable dining tables for placing snacks and drinks are also there for the perfect pool party experience.

The house has very beautiful Furniture over all. The bedrooms are so luxury. They give a princess like feeling even when you’re there. The beds are so grand and amazing that you have a perfect time sleeping in them. It is for full enjoyment and for a good time whilst being in the bed. The number of bedrooms in these huge mansions is also so big that no one would have to share the bedrooms with anyone. Everyone in the house can have their own bedroom. The attached bathrooms and the common bathrooms are also no less then the house interior. These bathrooms contain jacuzzi and a separate bathroom tub for the best and most relaxing time spent in the bathroom. These bathrooms are very huge in size and are very beautifully designed for a pleasure full time in the bathrooms.

The overall interior designing of these mansions is done by well-known architects and the work isn’t done by any fewer people. These mansions contain the best furniture in the world. The most expensive and luxurious furniture to make the mansion or Villa look extremely prestigious. The furniture in the lounge, living area, dining area and the bedrooms is so grand that you must have only seen it in movies or in castles. Even the Garden area is no less in size or in beauty. The Garden has every sort of flowers and maintained grass. There is separate furniture for the Garden to enjoy the most epic sunsets over the roof of the most beautiful mansion or Villa. Evenings in these gardens are breathtaking. The best photography experience can be granted in these gardens. The kids can also have a great time in the Garden as it Is huge in size and all safety measures are ensured.

La Estate Rentals also rent out these mansions or villas to filmmakers for shoots and filming the best content for their films. As we say that we must have seen these beautiful mansions in movies, La Estate Rentals allows filmmakers to rent out the place for filming shots for their movies. The garden is also utilised for filming purposes as when the sunlight strikes the beautiful grass and flowers in the garden, they look breathtakingly beautiful.  

The house itself is so pretty that one would want to rent it out for their peaceful vacations and to have quality time with their family and friends. All one has to do is get in contact with any of the agents of La Estate Rentals, get a booking made according to their comfortable time, tell their family that they have booked a mansion or a villa for vacation, pack their bags and come to the villa or mansion to have the best, most peaceful time of their lives. After a hectic week, month or year, you do deserve a peaceful vacation at a mansion that will refresh you mentally and physically. La Estate Rentals have mansions and Villas in California, you can sign up to them and get updates regarding their mansions and villas.