Luke Losee

Luke Losee

In today’s age of digital media and fierce competition to prevail in the online sphere, having a mechanism to capture one’s memories with breathtaking visuals, gorgeous backdrops and incisive editing is imperative for all of us. Through such beautiful shots of our life, we obtain digital popularity, happiness and a sense of well-being. Social media is a status symbol, a source of pride – or humiliation. It can make or break one’s career and social status; it also serves as an empowering tool across religion, race, ethnicity and even generations. Due to this, it is all the more important to be particular about one’s choices and decisions in that sphere. It is important to choose an individual skilled and inept to ease the burden of maintaining a high-quality profile and ensure your demands are met.

Such skill is found in Luke Losee who is a jack of all such trades: a brilliant cinematographer and an entrepreneur. At the ripe age of 21, he has managed to produce picturesque and crisp movies of people’s special moments. Possessing an exceptional eye for the perfect moment to be shot, he covers diverse areas such as capturing delightful wedding portraits or facets of one’s treasured automobile or even a piece of property that needs to be properly documented; along with this, he excels in covering events such as sports matches, concerts and various other music festivals, small to large business commercials and lifestyle videos. This includes the use of a drone as well as aerial video. His services are easily accessible and available. Luke’s website boasts a simple ‘Lets Connect’ sign that allows any person to fill out their contact details and describe the nature of their project to avail his expertise.

To this end, Luke’s services are streamlined and packaged effectively in his venture, LosGhost Production. Its aim is to create cinematic effects and videos that are not only sentimental but also motivational so as to encourage others to follow his lead and express their creativity through the visual arts. Luke also provides hands-on training and experiential learning for his clients, he contributes various ideas to amplify their voice and embellish the beautiful moments of their life. With his personalized strategy and brilliant equipment, he is able to capture precious memories for people, all the while making it affordable and convenient for his clients.

Luke has also pioneered Breakaway, the largest touring music festival in the United States, covering regions in Michigan, Ohio, California, Washington DC, Carolina and Tennessee. A one-of-a-kind festival that allows for a release of one’s inner stress and unleash the innate joy, thrill and energy that is entrapped within us.

Luke’s brilliance is evidenced by the fact that he has collaborated with the world-famous stars Justin and Hailey Bieber; a casual photo of the three displays how such eminent personalities also trust his skill, and are willing to invest in it. Luke has also shot for beautyinme, a professional modelling company; sartorial ventures such as bridal auburn displaying stunning bridal couture of all kind; even educational and industrial units and exotic car companies are not foreign to his skill. Apart from such promotional content, Luke covers music festivals as well; one witnesses a thrilling sequence of people enjoying and dancing with ease such as in Prime Music Festival.

One of the most underrated talents is the one behind the camera. It takes great skill and intellect to find the perfect angle, and the perfect time to capture a moment, immortalizing it from then on – after that shot, the post-production magic is what sets it apart. All these creative liberties are debilitated by this talent behind the camera who then produces a cinematic masterpiece. The job of a cinematographer is thus, not easy however, Luke’s effortlessly compelling work makes it seem that way. For more information, you can visit his Instagram page that vividly elucidates the breadth of his work @lukelosee or his business at .