Luka Zakrajsek (@luka_zakrajsek)

Luka Zakrajsek (@luka_zakrajsek)

Brad Henry has very beautifully said, “Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish”.  He is very much true in his saying because success belongs to those who besides being self-driven, self-motivated, and self-confident work hard to achieve their goals. In this connection, this article introduces you to one of the young, vibrant, dynamic, versatile, and multi-faceted personalities whose name is Luka Zakrajsek.

Luka Zakrajsek hails from Slovenia. He is a marketing executive, sales consultant, and entrepreneur. He besides trusting his abilities believes in being a hard-working person because he is conscious of the established fact that consistent hard work leads one to a successful destination. That’s why he keeps working day in and day out to be successful in his profession. He never intends to be in his comfort zone and doing nothing. In this regard, he is of the view that if one steps out of one’s comfort zone day by day; one suddenly makes each zone comfortable. If things are hard, he works harder and is never satisfied unless he has competed as hard as he can. He strives hard to stay focused and motivated. Owing to his resilience, patience, strength, dedication, firm determination, and commitment to his profession, he has been very successful in his professional career and has received a lot of recognition at a very young age.

In addition to this, he believes in being a positive-minded person who, unlike other entrepreneurs, tries hard to focus on the positive, brighter, and happier aspects of life. He abhors negativity and avoids being surrounded by those who have pessimistic attitudes towards lives because he knows very well that people having negative minds drain people’s energy and hinder their progress, and negativity not only slows them down but also discourages and distracts them from pursuing their ambitions. He unlike pessimists has always been able to find an opportunity in any difficulty. He even does not pay heed to negative voices. Moreover, he is true to himself and never pretends to be what he is not. The most fascinating thing about him is that he has always been kind and polite to others. His humbleness is witnessed from the fact that he never affords to find people suffering from any hardship and that’s why he has always been willing to lend his helping hand to those who are in need. His philanthropic attitude is what makes him a lovable and adorable person. That’s the reason people around him love and respect him a lot.

Furthermore, he is a very outgoing, social, and friendly person who not only wants to be in social gatherings but also loves having interaction with people. He loves traveling to different places in order to explore the beauty of nature. After a hectic day, it is always a nature that provides him with peace of mind, comfort, and relaxation. He enjoys spending his time walking his dog. Besides, his life has always been full of fun and enjoyment just because of his being in a cheerful and happy mood. He knows the art of enjoying and cherishing every moment of his life. Apart from this, he has very a very charming, attractive, and influencing personality and his lifestyle has always been impressive. Despite being busy pursuing his passion and chasing his career business goals, he has been able to successfully manage his professional, personal, and social life. He is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook. He is good at social networking skills and that’s why his social circle is swelling with each passing day. Through social media platforms, he remains in touch with his followers and keeps updating them about his socio-personal life. More can be learned about this multi-faceted personality if he is followed on his social accounts, the links to which are given below.