Luigi Marco Grosu

Luigi Marco Grosu

An American singer and songwriter, Luigi Marco Grosu has been under the spotlight in the entertainment industry from a very young age. Born in Rome, Italy, Luigi Grosu began his acting career very early on, and at the age of 8, appeared in multiple TV roles. He was soon regarded as a popular child model.

Luigi Grosu was born in the year 1999, to parents Tamara Grosu and Corneliu Grosu. His parents supported his career and helped him polish his acting skills. They provided him with opportunities to attend multiple acting academies in order to polish his abilities as an actor.

Though he was a part of multiple television projects and short films, his interest shifted towards singing. Pretty soon, he began to invest more time into singing and less time into pursuing his career as an actor. His determination and love for music allowed him to create a name in the music industry as well.

His music is based on his personal life experiences, which he wishes to share with his listeners and fans. The songs he’s sung have always held meaning for him, and were important to him on a personal level. His first single, called “I’m Gonna” was released in the year 2013, which was met with a lot of appreciation. This was followed by a few year’s gap, which was broken by a rendition of ‘Mad World’ by Tears For Fears, and his debut called Fastline. Both were released in the year 2017. Compared to his first single, the music that followed was more mature and evolved. The young singer had grown in confidence and had matured in his singing abilities.

In the year 2018, Luigi released another song called Rear View Mirror, which too was met with lots of praise from his audience. Over the years, Luigi has built on his singing and songwriting. His singing has grown stronger with every song he has released in the past. Upon listening to all his musical releases from old to new, listeners can appreciate the transition he has made in terms of his vocals, lyrics and soundscapes. His most recent music was released in 2020, and was called ‘Home To Me’. The song featured his best friend Daniel Roscioli, who rapped for the song. Most of his music videos are minimalistic and very artsy. The videos are very aesthetically pleasing, and are loved by many of his listeners.

Luisi is very close to nature, and uses that as an escape from the absurdities of life. As with other artists from the industry, Luisi too has had his fair share of criticism from the audience. However, he feels that such comments can either break you or make you; and he believes in doing the latter. Luisi appreciates criticism and uses it constructively to help him grow and be a better version of himself.

Luisi is very fond of nature, and most of his photos feature him taking in the greenery around him and finding peace with in it. He is a firm believer of spending time with oneself and being present in nature. It is very important for him to take a break from the crowds and be alone. This allows for self-reflection and positivity, and enables one to develop a newer perspective on life.

Luisi has a very determined personality, and chases after what he wants. He is a hard worker, and believes that persistence is key. Failure has never slowed Luisi down, and he struggles to make the most of every setback he faces.

Luisi is followed by over 9.9 thousand followers on Instagram, with over 34,000 views on his YouTube channel. His music can be listened to on Spotify as well as iTunes, while his music videos can be viewed on Youtube. Luisi can be followed on Instagram as @luigigrosu and can be found on YouTube as LuigiGrosu.