Lucky Designs (@luckydesigns_)

Lucky Designs (@luckydesigns_)

Oftentimes, people spend their whole lives searching for their purpose and passion. They spend decades upon decades trying to find their calling. But then, some special people know from a very young age exactly what their true passion is. These people are very rare to find and one such example is Lucky Lion Nunthatee. Lucky is a fifteen-year-old digital creator, graphic designer, and editor from Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. He has become widely known as Lucky Designs (or @luckydesigns on Instagram) thanks to his amazing artistic skills with which he has managed to draw the attention of his audience.

Lucky is an extremely motivated and driven individual who started his career in design at the young age of just eleven. He is a self-taught artist who has taught himself everything he knows today. He was motivated purely through his own will as well as his desire to find a creative outlet for himself. He started off learning from online resources, such as YouTube, where he learned from and was encouraged by the work of many artists. He saw how much appreciation and recognition these artists got for their work which is what inspired him to dream the same dream.

At LuckyDesigns, Lucky’s main artwork focuses on rappers, influencers, YouTubers, and social media influencers. He composes stunning images in Photoshop for various musicians and YouTubers. Honing his skills for over five years has allowed him to work with renowned artists such as KS1 who is a British rapper, boxer, and YouTuber, DTG, Poudil, FLIGHT, Darryl Granberry Jr., and many more. Lucky’s tool of choice for his graphic design work in Photoshop. He started off learning the basics of the tool over six years ago and today, he has perfected his skillset to such a refined level. Lucky has an incredibly creative and artistic personality, his mind is always visualizing and conceptualizing new designs at all hours of the day. His graphic design and video editing creations are mind-blowing pieces of work. Every single aspect from the composition, colors to the editing and design of his creations is a visual treat for the eyes.

Despite the astounding success in his career, Lucky has remained extremely humble and down to earth. He is incredibly grateful to all his friends and family who have supported him throughout his career. Because of his beautiful and unique designs, Lucky has amassed a huge following of over one hundred and fifty-four thousand followers. He keeps his feed up to date with his latest designs, projects, and collaborations. He is also incredibly engaging and kind to all of his followers and is truly humbled by their love and appreciation. You can find him on Instagram under the handle “@luckydesigns_” and Twitter under “@luckydesign_”.

Lucky is truly an inspiration for so many people. At such a young age he has managed to balance his career with his studies so artfully. This year, he has proposed to work internationally with YouTubers and artists from all around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. and create a composition of all his work. This young artist continues to grow as a graphic designer and hopes to further perfect his skills in the years to come. He aspires to work with larger creators and companies soon. His creativity and bold style have allowed him to stand out among his peers in the graphic design community. He has gained much recognition for his work in such a short amount of time and looking at his perseverance and dedication, it is easy to see that Lucky has a bright future ahead of him.