Lord Tyler Marchand

Lord Tyler Marchand

Lord Tyler Marchand is a CEO of a notable business named ‘DPM Systems’, and a famous personality in the industry of arms and weaponry. He is smart, kind, and shows great diligence in his work ethic. He has accomplished multiple ventures at a young age and continues to fascinate his followers with his expertise and abundant knowledge of the business world. Tyler is also a big lover of traveling and enjoys his leisure time teaching people the importance and methods of using different types of weapons. He currently resides in Seattle, America, and is the founder of a non-profit organization, ‘Rise and Shine’ which is an auction benefit that aims towards helping teenagers and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

DPM Systems Technology is a corporation that intends on building weapon assistants with a specialization in the reduction system of various types of firearms. The company was established in 2003 with the purpose of the scheme and generating high-level parts of firearms. The business precisely endeavors at the segment of research and advancement of technological goods with an enhancement of service of all transferable armored weaponry. The composition, construction, and modeling of these goods are protected by the judicial security with the Greek Patent Office which is an Industrial Organization. Others include the European Patent Office, Worldwide, and the United States Patent Office. All of the production of products pertains to the inflexible standardized specifications of ISO 9000.

DPM System’s website features multiple different kinds of products such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns. The products range from various types of bullets to a Magazine Floorplate Glass Breaker. The company can be contacted for customizations and modifications as well. The business aims to provide the best-manufactured firearms in the United States, and to other parts of the world.

Tyler has a long list of experiences that never ends; he is part of multiple corporations, and also has worked as a Chief Finance Officer for Wick and Mortar in 2017. Tyler’s vast knowledge about the functions of various types of businesses and their role has established him as a trustworthy and respectable man in the industry. He is the one people look forward to for advice, and answers for their troubles in their ventures. His work doesn’t only end with weaponry, however, most of his work is based on education and charitable services. Some of the companies he was a part of are; 3-Point Tequila, LLC, Mirror Cache, Monarch Agency, Education Elevation, Parameter IO, and Premier Tutor.

Tyler also has an Instagram that has over 10 thousand followers that keep drastically rising with the growth of his career. His profile has multiple different sides of his personality displayed. He is a dog lover, family man, strong businessman, and a man who shows the truth to his statements. Tyler presents himself as a man who can do it all, and most certainly he stays true to his persona. He runs multiple corporations, non-profit organizations and is always on the look for more opportunities and ventures.

Tyler’s Instagram is flooded with images of his firearms with demonstrations and Tiktok tutorials as well. Tyler’s use of social media to advertise and show his products is evident to build trust with his clients and also to show how well established his corporations are now. His personality is trustworthy, kind, passionate, and driven to provide his customers with the best. If you are interested in Tyler’s work and have a passion for armoires and other products, do check out his Instagram profile. Tyler is an inspiration for the many emerging entrepreneurs who want to build themselves towards the top in the business sector. Tyler is very enthusiastic about teaching his skills to others and expanding his expertise to the struggling entrepreneurs of current times. He can be contacted on his Instagram for queries and advice or even work-related messages. His Instagram username is ‘ lordmarchand’ and DPM System’s official website is also listed down below.