Little Scholars

Little Scholars

What if you knew there was a place where when you were 1 years old, you could get everything and more when it came to your learning, growth, and fun. A place that was heaven on earth, a place that would teach you the best things in life and make you have fun along the way. Little Scholars, school of early learning is that place. Little Scholars school believes in making an impact in not only the children but also the world. It is a place where children are groomed academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically to walk in all phases of life. It teaches them valuable skills that will help nourish them and succeed in life. Little Scholars school is a family owned business that have boutique centers that provide quality learning at rates that will make you feel like it’s a steal. Equipped with well-educated and experienced teachers, Little Scholars school provides premium facilities that is present to help every little scholar no matter what phase he is in.

Jae Fraser, the founder of Little Scholars school thought of this idea when he was working as a child care trainee where he loved the way the children looked at him as if he were some kind of superhero. The feeling he got when interacting with the young minds made him become a teacher. At first he taught at the primary grade level but he did not receive the same reward as he did when he dealt with the early stages of a child which led him to the path of teaching children from the age of 1-5 years old. To think, Fraser was a central manager and then a senior manager at a multinational corporation and he left that because he felt as though he wanted to make an impact and a difference in the minds of our nation at the early stages of their lives. His experience with working with high end corporations made him come up with the business plan for Little Scholars and he believes that childcare should not be about the business but rather about the children. That belief is what made him become who he is today and helped his business grow to where the parents trust Little Scholars blindly.

Fraser believes that childcare is the most essential part of a human being’s development and that should be the number one priority. With that belief in mind, he developed Little Scholar school in such a way that it nurtures the personality of the children where they hold manners at utmost importance.

Little Scholar School offers a variety of things that attract the parents as well. They provide coffee and treats for them as they sit and watch their children grow. Meals are important for anyone’s nourishment so the food that they provide the children is fresh nutritious meals with baked goods which are prepared by their in-house highly qualified chefs. On top of that the herbs and vegetables that they use are all harvested from their own gardens. They leave no stone unturned when they talk about the health of their little scholars. Aside from that they provide extracurricular activities to keep the children active and spiritually fresh by providing dance and yoga.

To be accessible to various parents, Little Scholar has various locations to the likes of Ormeau, Redland Bay South, George ST, Burleigh, etc. Their campuses are filled with children friendly furniture and activities that enhance intellect be it with games or books. It is truly an all-rounder childcare facility that cares for its little scholars genuinely. Many parents are pleased with the services as they are also updated on their child’s daily activities through their phones so the parents are aware of their child’s happenings. Do support such initiatives because these facilities are the what makes the world a better place for everyone to live in.