Lin Yuan (@yuanlinofficial)

Lin Yuan (@yuanlinofficial)

Lin Yuan is a Paris-based fashion model, who’s currently signed to Karin Models Agency. She is not only a model but also an ambassador for several skincare brands and frequently blogs about them on her Instagram account. Besides being active in the fashion and beauty industry, she is also the owner and founder of Avion Management, a digital marketing and PR agency.

As the founder of a PR agency, Lin Yuan proves that she is a beauty with tactics. Digital marketing and PR take a lot more brains and tactics than we think. From properly planning your client’s agenda for the coming months to preplanning even the most trivial things is what needs to be done in a PR agency. Besides that, having a good grip on social media platforms and their marketing potential is also very important. This means that a digital marketer not only physically markets their clients’ businesses but also helps them create a following on all social media platforms.

Avion Management tackles the task of digital marketing and advertising by making effective and eye-catching websites, flyers, banners, digital media, social media posts, and calendars for their clients. They help their clients with Search Engine Optimization and with their hard work and effort, land their clients on top ranks on the search engine. Another technique that is unique to Avion Management is that they get their clients in touch with news channels and popular tv shows where they are featured or interviewed to improve their status and standing. This technique is quite useful in skyrocketing the reach of their clients’’ businesses. And the only reason Avion Management can do this is because of Lin Yuan’s network and connections with the entertainment industry.

On the other side, in the entertainment industry, Lin Yuan is doing quite well. She’s signed with the modeling agency Karin Models Agency where she has been doing quite a number of successful gigs and photoshoots for big names and brands. One of the brands that Lin Yuan has worked for is Versace. This just goes on to show her place in the industry and how well she’s doing as a model. She is also regularly seen donning Prada during her shoots.

Lin Yuan has made it to the cover of several fashion magazines as well. One of these is the well-known, international fashion and lifestyle magazine called Picton. This magazine is issued monthly and Lin was featured in an editorial in the magazine in November 2019. She has also had the opportunity to pose for Inspirazzi Magazine, which is a Lithuanian magazine. Lin Yuan’s reach to foreign fashion industries is what sets her apart from most models that work with her.

Her agency, Karin Models Agency is a modeling agency established in 1977 that supports women and manages them. They create long-lasting careers for their clients which is why their network of celebrities and models is quite expansive. Karin Models Agency holds a reputation for working with timeless talent and many of their clients and models represent major international fashion brands.

Lin Yuan’s careers as a model, an influencer, and a digital marketer have all been successful ventures and she is only moving forward in each. With time, her following and online presence will increase giving her a stronger hold over both industries. Lin Yuan is effortless at what she does and her work is always loved by the public. She can elegantly don any style and make it look like the newest trend in Europe. If you wish to see her work or check out her PR agency, you can always visit her Instagram (@yuanlinofficial).