Lexus.Layden (@lexus.layden)

Lexus.Layden (@lexus.layden)

Dancing is more than just shaking the body and vibing on the beats. It is a lot more than that. It is feeling the moves and expressing the emotions through expressions. Dance is a tremendous impulse, but the art of dance is the channeling of that impulse by skilled performers into something extremely expressive that may pleasure audiences who have no desire to dance themselves. Dancers represent the characters, their stories, and whatever they go through. For them, dancing is self-expression, aesthetic pleasure, entertainment, and contrasted graceful posture of the body and components thereof.

Lexus Laydeg, a model and contemporary ballet dancer, is one such performer. She is a teen who began sculpting her body as a child, making it supple and adaptive to dance and pushing herself hard to maintain her body weight and figure. She began to dance in the workshops, functions, concerts, and competitions in which she was already well-versed. Lexus finished second in the 24 SEVEN Dance Convention, a dance workshop and competition that travels to 29 locations across the United States each season. She also stood first in the world’s largest dance convention, Jump Dance Convention, which toured to 28 US locations and four overseas cities, and she stood forth in her solo performance at the same convention. She made her squad, Evolve Dance Complex, proud by first winning the auditions and then dominating the competition and standing first.

Becoming a proficient ballet dancer was never an easy walk for her. It required exceptional coordination, agility, excellent sense of balance and physical stamina; creativity, persistence, and many years of training. The Training allowed her to develop flexibility, strength, and mobility. She now makes extremely difficult dance moves look effortless, gliding across the stage with apparent ease. “Winning doesn’t always imply being first,” Lexus believes. Winning implies that you are performing better than you have in the past.” This is why she practices for hours with regularity, concentration, passion, and patience to perform better than before.

Lexus is choreographed by Chelsea Sebes, an award-winning choreographer with 17 years of intensive dance training and expertise, for all of her dance competitions and performances. Lexus was also an audition apprentice winner at Artists Simply Human faculty, where she also played in a closing show, thanks to her assistance.

Lexus, in addition to being a ballerina, is a model for the commercial modeling firm FunnyFace Today Models, also known as FFS. She had her photos photographed in numerous locations throughout California in various ballerina postures like Releve, Efface devant, and Saute. Lexus enjoys modeling for this agency since it has been representing all Kinds of talent for print and on-camera work for over forty years and has some of the most talented photographers. One of them is Julia Rose, who is also a ballet dancer and photographs Lexus at most events.

Undoubtedly It is never easy to become so proficient in one of the most difficult dance genres. Along with struggling with their dancing postures and styles, ballerinas must also watch their food and eat a balanced diet. “Of course, it is the ballet culture,” which is competitive and demanding for ballerinas. Ballet dancing is not something that people learn immediately. To execute a triple pirouette or perform as a soloist, it takes intensive training, burned feet, and years of preparation, but Lexus made it look easy with a cheesy smile and boundless excitement. Lexus is a down-to-earth young lady with big goals in her eyes. She has an Instagram account that is managed by her parents and has a fan following of more than 10k people.