Leo Caballes (@leocaballes)

Leo Caballes (@leocaballes)

Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world at the moment. It is an industry that doesn’t depend much on a country being developed or underdeveloped. This is because as long as the country has beautiful, breathtaking, or historically important locations the tourism industry in that area will flourish. Many tourists enjoy booking flights abroad and enjoying a taste of foreign culture on their trips. They grab their cameras, go to beautiful locations and experience a few different norms and cultures. It can be a refreshing experience. After all, staying in one place one’s entire life can be suffocating, and some people just have a deep wanderlust that encourages them to explore and be adventurous. To these people, staying in one place is the equivalent of being cooped up. As said before, most people prefer to go abroad. But on the other hand, there is a group of people who would rather explore the various beautiful sceneries and locations their own country has to offer before booking a flight to a foreign land.

Leo Caballes is one such tourist on a mission to explore the beautiful city-state of Singapore. Singapore is known for its glamour and beauty. It is oftentimes described as one of the neatest, well-organized, and stunning cities in the world. Because of this, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide. On his Instagram, he regularly updates about all his recent travels and aims to explore Singapore one destination at a time before moving on to foreign places.

 His visits to different parts of Singapore include the beautiful buildings, artistically pleasing locations, restaurants, and beautiful galleries. He posts pictures of these places with captions giving his point of view in the clearest and concise way. The manner in which he maintains his page evokes a yearning in the heart of anyone who follows him to grab a ticket and visit that place themselves.

Being a tourist and a connoisseur of beautiful locations and delectable food during an era of the pandemic is also incredibly hard. But rest assured, Leo has never been an advocate of breaking restrictions and guidelines. He wears his mask and sanitizes religiously. He abides by area restrictions. After all, what is the use of taking a few pretty pictures if it means possibly placing someone in mortal danger?

When asked about his personal and professional life outside of his tourist persona, Leo reveals that he is actually an accomplished and experienced Global HR professional. He possesses expertise and rewards for his work on a local and global scale. He has a proven and flawless track record in his area of work and had multiple fields that he has worked in. These include HR, Neuro-Linguistic programming, Finance, and Law.

When one looks at his long list of professional achievements, an image of an uptight office worker comes to mind. That is actually not the case with Leo at all. As discussed before, he is a rather easygoing and light-hearted man who enjoys the company of his family and friends at restaurants and cafes, he enjoys nature walks, and he is an avid enjoyer of the arts and cultures.

Leo believes in using his platform for good causes. This is why he has been a regular supporter of causes like youth development, sustainability, and community outreach through volunteer work. His strong business skills along with his knack for creating great interpersonal bonds give him a great advantage in the workplace. He is an extremely productive person and has a proactive yet easygoing mindset. In the future, he plans on visiting many beautiful locations in various countries and updating his Instagram.