Lena Eschel (@lenaeschel)

Lena Eschel (@lenaeschel)

An individual brimming with a passion for exploring and always trying to find new ways to express herself and her purpose in new and creative ways, Lena Eschel is one heck of a multi-talented young entrepreneurial woman. A start-up fashion designer and highly successful Instagram Influencer based in Dubai, Lena makes sure to live her life to the fullest every moment of the day.

In this day and age, it seems that everyone is looking to gain their own five seconds of fame on the internet by opening an Instagram blog and hoping that they land into the spotlight. But what exactly is it that differentiates those who have managed to reach the top of the hierarchy from those struggling to grasp it? While qualities such as consistency and dedication to your craft sound like an easy enough task to do, it would astound you how hard these habits could be to enforce. Having to ditch any insecurities you have and bearing it all for the world to judge is no small feat either. But between running her business and traveling the world, Lena breaks the odds and is always one for breaking the mold and persisting in even the most demanding of circumstances. Journaling her travels from around the globe – be it to sate the burning passion she has for exploring the world to seek out new truths or for some other matter – Lena’s unique insight into the places she visits is always a delight to behold. From the culturally rich and historically insightful isles of Greece, Italy to her travels all over France – the romance and art capital of the world, Lena continues to search the world in wonder and fascination, always on the hunt for learning something new about the cultures of Europe.

But that’s not all that this dedicated and talented young woman showcases over on her social media; no, Lena’s Instagram is filled with much more intriguing and diverse content, perfectively reflective of her dynamic and eccentric personality. Filled with motivating captions which she is always making sure to engage with her dedicated audience, which has long since reached well over a whopping twenty-five thousand and is continuing to grow by the minute, where she converses about her day-to-day life and updates her followers about the ongoings of her life or what she has been up to. From her undying devotion and love for any and all things related to the shore-y beaches to her opinions on the best cats (hint; she had grown to love them so much that she is now the proud owner of one ragdoll cat, “Tokyo” who has his very own Instagram account that we definitely think you should follow) – Lena’s charisma is just too compelling to resist.

With the larger-than-life attitude, Lena always seems to exude so casually; we asked her how young bloggers aspiring to one day reach her level of success could get to it. “If you want to get started on something, make sure it’s something you love and are passionate about, and don’t give up on it. A project like that will never make you feel like you’re working.” Well, that certainly explains why Lena is so determined to keep up her influencer lifestyle amidst her already busy schedule!

Further still, it seems that Lena’s exploration of her limits does not end just there! From horse-back riding to engaging in an activity as arduous as tennis, it really is a wonder and a testament to her strength and determination that despite all the challenges this bright young woman sets up for herself, she never wants to stop challenging herself with something exciting and new without forgetting to share her progress as an inspiration to the world. It comes as no surprise then that Lena’s ambitions have borne her the well-deserved fruits of her labor and devotion to her crafts.