Legacy Industrial Corp.

Legacy Industrial Corp.

Much like the saying goes, “a person’s shoes’ condition can determine an individual’s character,” similarly, many people judge a building through the presentation of the floor. Several studies have shown that facility appearance ratings can drop as much as 75 percent if the floor shine creates a negative impression. So, considering how the floor is one of the first things we see when entering a building, you best believe that pristine flooring can make or break the image of your establishment.

The question of the hour, however, remains. How does one get professional-looking flooring on a reasonable budget? Enter Legacy Industrial – a US-based LLC founded by the one Scott Pelak. Starting from humble beginnings, Scott learned the trade of floor maintenance on his knees – literally. Along with his motley crew of trusty hands, the company started via installations of heavy-duty epoxy-mortar floors for companies like M&M Mars, Ellio’s Pizza, and Goya Foods in the North-East. With hard work and determination came success as the company saw eventual growth in demand for their services, and like any smart entrepreneur, Scott and his team did not shy away from taking the risk as they expanded their services to include manufacture and supply of floor maintenance products; ranging from concrete sealers, epoxy coatings and polishing supplies to decorative concrete products and concrete repair kits.

With products made with formulas field-proven in the roughest industrial settings for the last 30 years, Legacy Industrial runs on the principle belief which proudly proclaims, “We know floor coatings, and we help you be successful” – a promise they are dedicated to seeing through for every client they have the pleasure of servicing. One need only takes a gander at their Instagram page (@legacyindustrial), where not only do they frequently post informative and assistive videos outlining the uses for each of their products but with their consistently dependable customer service, no question is left unanswered once asked in their comment section. Sporting well over three thousand followers and about seventeen thousand posts worth of bite-sized information about their product in layman for the average joe, Legacy Industrial is committed to seeing through their customers’ complete and total satisfaction – the customer testimonials displayed on their highlights only furthering their authenticity.

That’s not all, though. Always putting the customer first, Legacy Industrial isn’t shy in loudly proclaiming their loyalty towards their clients. Readily providing a helping hand in anything from an amateur looking to spruce up their basement or garage space to contractors wanting assistance in meeting a deadline, Legacy Industrial is there to “help a facility owner solve a floor problem.” On their user-friendly website, one can navigate through the complexities of a seemingly daunting process with a swift glance at their FAQs section, where a set of helpful, uncomplicated answers exist for the ease and comfort of their customer. Those still confused and looking for extra assistance need only send a private question their way, and the answer lies only a click away.

Although bearing a slightly more expensive price range, we advise you to see for yourself the testament of what Legacy offers. With multiple kits tailored to every conceivable situation’s needs, the epoxy floor treatments are built with a superior formula that ensures better safety from wear and tear and exceptional tolerance from water and moisture. Further, with over thirteen colors to choose from, the possibilities and creative direction are limitless, and for those looking for inspiration, one only glances at the company’s Instagram, where they oft post their clients’ works. And with their commitment to ensuring that even the most novice individual comes out with a professional-looking floor at the end of their job, Legacy not only makes the process hassle-free but rids its formulas from the overly complicated steps involved in floor maintenance. Only mix, roll, and you’re set to go.