Lee (@Leeinvests)

Learning to trade in the Forex market may be difficult, like learning any other skill, except for those with full command in that field. Lee, trading king, is the ideal mentor who teaches you how to trade on the Forex market. He is the founder of ASCEND Trading. On Instagram (@Leeinvests), he has 10.7k followers interested in learning how to trade forex. Some question arises like; how to begin trading? How much money is needed to get things started? How do I make money? These are typical among rookie traders and even experienced traders. Get answers to your problems about marketing in the foreign exchange market from Lee. He’d walk you through the logical, practical, and intellectual aspects of trading so you could develop the right attitude for tackling forex. Lee also assists you in being optimistic and consistent, creating the appropriate goals, and becoming a consistently winning trader. Follow Lee to receive answers to all of your trading problems.

Forex trading is distinct from other types of business ventures. Lee is a Forex trading tutor and an experienced trader with the skills and knowledge to trade the market efficiently. He can increase your success rate as a trading mentor. Lee recognized all of his students’ blunders right away. Almost every misstep made initially in your trading profession will result in you losing money. Lee is a fantastic Forex trading tutor who puts what he instructs you into practice. He inspires you to become a more brilliant trader and is accessible for continuing help as an expert in his field.
Furthermore, Lee always values your unique psychological characteristics and helps you create your special trading technique. If you don’t know the market fundamentals right from the start, you’ll have difficulty learning complex trading ideas later on. So follow Lee to stay up to date on the newest trade happenings worldwide.

Lee has established himself as a global leader in the FX/Crypto industry, having taught over 3000 traders worldwide since 2021 through his trading company ASCEND Trading (ASCEND was founded in 2021 in Miami, FL). With knowledge and experience of over 20 years, he aspires to remain the market leader and expand his global trading group. The HIVE Mind idea heavily influences Lee’s perspective. The more brains that collaborate, the more successful his trading firm will be. If you are determined to learn, you can probably earn over six figures a year by investing in your full-time employment. Ascend offers several Live Trading Events exclusively open to Diamond Members every year. You’re never left before in his trading company, regardless of your level of skill or location. Participate in the Ascend Trading community to hear Lee’s thoughts on the global economy, cryptocurrency, stocks, etc.

Lee is also particularly concerned about his health as a flourishing trading instructor. He believes that “health is wealth.” Money will not bring you happiness when you’re not physically fit. What you put into your body is the foundation of whatever you do in life. In his healthy life, he never takes any chances. “It all starts with what you consume,” he says. His fans were motivated not just by his work but also by his concern for his health. To learn more about him, follow Lee.

People should start functioning for themselves nowadays more than ever. Learning to Day Trade will put the ball in your court. You could even start taking a variety of fundamental courses with lee on Ascend trading, such as Technical vs. Fundamentals, Lee’s Personal Fundamental Strategy, Risk Management & Taking Profits & More, as well as technical courses, such as Introduction to the Markets, Mistakes & Traps in the Markets, etc. If you’re serious about understanding ways to create a career, join his Telegram (text him at +1 (360) 559-1640) or DM Lee on Instagram.