LDizzy Music Comedy @ashy_gang_ldizzy

LDizzy Music Comedy @ashy_gang_ldizzy

“The Four Levels of Comedy: Make your friends laugh, Make strangers laugh, Get paid to make strangers laugh, and Make people talk like you because it’s so much fun.” -Jerry Seinfeld

Comedy is a word that can have so many meanings from person to person. The meaning of comedy can vary. For some, comedy might mean humor, laughter, entertainment, and excitement. While for others comedy might turn out to be their professional choice or a way for them to cope with pain.

But what if comedy goes hand in hand with music? Well, it can definitely be a blockbuster. How? You may ask. Well, the world-renowned comedians used music instead of words to make people laugh just like Charlie Chaplin. Comedy and music always workout together and so is proved by A.S.H.Y LDizzy.

A.S.H.Y LDizzy is a musician and comedian both because he has the talent to take music with comedy in a manner that it becomes a treat for his listeners. A.S.H.Y LDizzy is an emerging talent being recognized by many due to his own comedy style of singing.

His notes, his lyrics, and his voice all combined give listeners some true entertainment. A.S.H.Y LDizzy keeps his music style under the pop category and introduces lyrics that are funny and captivating for his audiences. His viewers definitely listen to his songs on repeat.

His songs are the kind you would love to make some content on. Youngsters who love tick-tock can use his songs in the background while making hilarious content. A.S.H.Y LDizzy is a new talent to watch out for in the hip-hop / R&B genre, with a strong andd active presence and a wonderful collection of tracks under his belt.

His work is varied, yet relevant and intimate, reflecting the work of important peers such as Lil Wayne, Nick Carter, and Chris Brown, to name a few. The Maryland-based singer-songwriter perfected the knack of blending intelligent writing with classic melodies and powerful vocal performances.

Being in a country where one can find so much competition around in every profession, A.S.H.Y LDizzy due to his own style and personality always stands out. His fans can listen to his music creations on sound-cloud where he has posted thirty-six songs up till now.

His most popular tracks under the hip-hop/R&B genre include, Liquor Got Me Stupid, Come Here Dirty Sound Remix, Too lit, Up Now Not Next, Damn Girl, Get Nasty, and Bounce. Whereas, his most popular comedy tracks include a parody remix of Chris Brown’s Young Thug Go Crazy, Rage Quit, a song about Nicki Minaj, a parody type version of Whoopsie Mixdown and Gucci Snake.

A.S.H.Y LDizzy to promote his music came out with flashy ashy marches that were completely sold out as soon as they were launched. His impressive composing and songwriting skills have made people recognize him and his own style.

A.S.H.Y LDizzy came up with the name A.S.H.Y as his stage name. But this name has a thought and a reason behind it. A.S.H.Y stands for All Should Hate You. This name was chosen because in reality people always hate each other regardless of their color, caste, religion, or race. LDizzy chose this name to tell people that no matter how much you are being hated just keep your head held high and work hard to achieve the milestones you have always dreamed about. This way the haters will get nothing but you will achieve your dreams regardless of their hate.

A.S.H.Y LDizzy, his choice of name A.S.H.Y, his vocals, his lyrics, and his song choice all show what a true personality he holds. In this fake world, he is amongst the people who are real. His talent, his originality, and his style will definitely take him even higher than where he is.