Lawrence David Herman (@lawderofficial)

Lawrence David Herman (@lawderofficial)

Since the world was stuck by another pandemic in 2019, people found themselves boxed up in their homes, filled to the brim with stress, anxiety, and no idea of whether things would ever go back to normal. COVID-19 quickly became the bane of everyone’s existence with its rising numbers and fatality, and the uncertainty surrounding its stay, and sure enough, it had confined people within the 4 walls of their home, students out of schools and colleges, professionals out of their offices, and the world is a dark place that it never thought it would arrive to. With the world tinged with hopelessness, people had no choice but to find excitement within the confines of their homes, and this incited a lot of creativity and talent in the times when working from home gave people time to actually explore themselves and the things that they found happiness in. Perhaps the only good thing that came out of a global lockdown was the time people got to really think about things that made them a better version of themselves in the way that they expanded their own creative capacities. For some, it was music while for others, it was arts and craft.

In an apartment in Leuven, Flemish Region in Belgium, Lawrence David Herman was another confined, bored individual who felt like his life was wasting away in the midst of a pandemic where he could release no energy into the outside world because of the increased levels of unsafety and fright that came with simply stepping outside. Forced to find an outlet in his apartment with minimal resources, Herman stuck to what he knew he could do best and decided to explore his creativity in the realm of the arts. With the innumerable forms of expression that come with art, Herman left no stone unturned and chose to embark on the journey of becoming a jack of all trades.

Having opened up social media profiles less than a month ago, Herman has a humble following and content, but even that showcases his charming and serene personality and encapsulates all that he feels about the world, the direction it is headed in, and how he wishes to change and grow alongside it. Calling himself a “sensei” of music and visual arts, Herman is truly gifted when it comes to self-expression and catharsis using different forms of art. His aesthetic follows cool tones and water, which is a testament to his calming, relatable, and almost trance inducing art.

His Instagram account (@lawderofficial) only has 2 shots that have been enlarged and divided into 12 frames each, but explain his aesthetic pretty clearly. He shares more on his stories and in his highlights, where he interacts with nature and different kinds of music to build his relationship with the world around him.

Herman takes a keen interest in visual art, music, making videos, and basically anything that has a visual element to it that can be perceived. His style can be better understood through the content posted on his YouTube channel where he has so far posted a montage of himself swimming in what appears to be a natural water body with calming music overlaid, an animation of himself interacting with icons of water, a time-lapse video of buds blooming into flowers on his apartments’ window sill, a remixed song, and a piano piece as well. What is striking about Herman is his passion for the arts purely for the sake of self-exploration and expression. His work has a pure air to it that is very easily identifiable.

Herman is undoubtedly a well-rounded artist, producer, and pianist, but generally, he is a very cultured individual. He can speak Nederlands, Italian, and English at a native’s level and French at a professional working level. If anything, his drive to learn and push his own boundaries gives us hope that other people will find happiness and solace in his art just as he does. Along with an Instagram and YouTube channel, Herman will soon have his own website which is currently under construction.