Lawlor Technologies

Lawlor Technologies

Lawlor Technology is a software development company based in Scotland, UK. It was founded in 2017 by Chris Lawlor. The company specializes in app development and even though it is based in the UK, its services are available to clients all over the world. They offer high-value solutions at great rates which makes them a great option for all your software development needs. Another great thing about the company is that its services are attuned to the needs of each client. They first build a prototype for each client and then work on the app based on the client’s specific feedback. This allows them to deliver a product that is entirely in line with what the client wanted. 

Lawlor Technologies has a client-centered work process that they carry out in 5 steps. The first step is discussing the project with the client. This discussion can be either in person or over the phone, it is entirely up to the client and his/her preference. The purpose of this meeting is for the company to understand the main idea of the project as well as the requirement and needs of the client. This initial discussion gives the company enough information to start working on the prototype. The second phase is Lawlor Tech breaks down each feature and then delivers an interactive prototype. This gives the client a chance to show the visual app to other people and potential investors and gain valuable feedback. Based on this feedback, Lawlor writes up a proposal regarding the project requirements and costs. The last step is when both Lawlor and the client are satisfied with the proposal and decide to go ahead and build on app development. This work process shows how professional the company is and how much Lawlor values the client’s needs. 

The company offers many services under the umbrella of software development and app development. One of them is App Prototyping, this involves designing an interactive app prototype that details the flow of the app and the complete design. The company offers app development for both iOS and Android phones. They use a one-code base which reduces both cost and time. They also develop enterprise apps that can be used by businesses for internal work. They are built to save time and help businesses function well. Another useful service the company offers is web development, they can develop beautiful and functional websites that work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile. Lawlor Technologies has all the solutions for your app and web needs.

Lawlor Technologies has a great online presence. Their website allows you to access all their services and approach them for projects. They also have a “Knowledge Base” section which has great resources and tips for aspiring web and app developers. Whether you are interested in learning how coding, automation, or funding works, Lawlor has got some useful resources for you. 

The company also has a great presence on social media and can be found on Instagram as @lawlortech. They have a growing following of over a thousand people. Their Instagram page allows you to keep up with their work and the exciting work done by the founder Chris Lawlor. In 2020 Chris developed a special add-on for Amazon’s Alexa which gives step-by-step instructions for conducting CPR. This life-saving tool went viral and was installed in over 90,000 homes in the UK. The company also hosts giveaways and a recent giveaway included an exciting Oculus Quest VR headset. You can also see snippets of the company’s office on their Instagram.

Lawlor Technologies is an emerging name in the world of tech. It offers customers a unique experience by prioritizing their needs and wants and by incorporating all their feedback in the development of the app or website. The company also offers a wide variety of app development services that both individuals and businesses can take advantage of. Lawlor Technologies will surely continue to grow and become a big name in the world of tech.