Lavie Rabiosa (@lavierabiosa)

Lavie Rabiosa (@lavierabiosa)

Lavie Rabiosa is a Spanish musician and singer. Her stage name is Lavie Rabiosa, but she was born Carmen Mora. She was born on 13 September 1990 in Loma De Cabrera, Dominican Republic. She was inclined towards music since she was a child. However, she was only motivated enough to officially pursue music when musical ideas started falling out of her head during her second pregnancy. That is when Lavie discovered her gift of singing and decided to pursue it professionally.

Lavie Rabiosa’s Instagram account looks quite recent as she only has six posts on her page as of now. However, she has garnered a massive following of 4664 followers, which speaks volumes about her content and her talent. She also has a YouTube channel named Lavie Rabiosa which currently has 10.8k views. What’s even better is that all these views are for a single video as she only has one music video on her channel currently. The video is for her song “que tu quieres beber (1942),” which she recorded as a collaboration with Philly Haze.

Lavie also has a Spotify account which has a massive following, just like her other accounts. She currently has 1200 monthly listeners on Spotify and has been featured on four playlists. She only has three singles out on her Spotify right now. However, one of her singles, “1942 – Teteo Version,” has garnered a shocking 3.8 million streams. Needless to say, Lavie Rabiosa is a verified musician on Spotify.

Lavie posted a screenshot from her Spotify statistics last year, which showed her having 2M total streams, 67.4k listeners, 82.5k hours, and people from 155 countries listening to her music. However, we know that these statistics have significantly changed since just one single of hers right now has more than 3M streams.

If these statistics aren’t enough to convince a person that Lavie is a superstar, let’s take a look at where her songs have taken her. Recently, Lavie Rabiosa’s single 1942 earned the 22nd position on the Latin Billboard as soon as it dropped. Her work was alongside the likes of Farruko and J Balvin, who have been hits in Hollywood too. All of this was just when she had released the song, which goes on to say a lot about how her music can progress once it’s out there for some time.

Since Lavie’s inspiration came around the tenure of her pregnancy, she did not waste any time and immediately got to songwriting and working. This led her to release the cover art for her EP, which was her embracing her music and pregnancy in the most beautiful embrace one might see.

Lavie has been active as a singer and musician since 2021 and has not taken a break which is why we will soon be hearing another smashing hit from her. This song is called “Loco,” and it is also a collaboration with Philly Haze. It will be out on 31 March 2022, and we definitely cannot wait to hear it. The song is available for preorders on iTunes and other digital music apps. A Preview of the song is also available on Spotify for her fans to hear.

Lavie Rabiosa is just starting out on her journey of music and songwriting, and she has already seen great success. If her past record is anything to judge by, we’ll say she has a great musical future ahead. Who knows, we might even get to hear an album really soon! If you wish to follow Lavie Rabiosa on Instagram, you can find her at @lavierabiosa. You can also follow her on Spotify and YouTube, where channels are named Lavie Rabiosa.