Laura (@heyitslaurahawkins)

Loyalty and devotion for your work lead to bravery; bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifices. Laura Hawkins is a true example of self-devotion and hard work. Laura is an entrepreneur; she is a Social media coach. Early, she loved to take pictures of the beauty around her and events, but Laura adopted his craze for photography as her profession. Laura Hawkins is on Instagram as @heyitslaurahawkins and has 20.6k followers. As being a mother of 4, Laura decided to step back from her photographic work because it was getting hard for her to manage her time for her family and friends. After winding up, Laura Started her Social media management and marketing consulting company. hnh_media, here Laura sells her services to make her client satisfied. She believes nothing meaningful can be accomplished without faith, discipline, and unselfish commitment to duty. Follow Laura on Instagram to see her beautiful clicks. 

Laura has a creative mindset. Therefore, she knows what to do at the right time. Laura has many potential clients who want Laura to build their brand image and promote their different social channels. Laura’s status as the single voice of the brand on social media, social media managers is in charge of representing a firm. She responds to comments, creates the material, and compiles campaigns. Laura offers companies the support they need to improve their online footprint. The analyst is responsible for social platforms to represent the product/services of the brand. Laura, like PR pros, understands how to express brand features positively. An innovative social media manager knows how to develop content, engage leads, and reply to customers. A great concept and some initial financing are many things to begin a successful business. Laura is a responsible entrepreneur for converting their vision into a fully running firm, maybe the most significant component. Follow Laura on Instagram.

Laura loves her family a lot, for whom she is doing all. A woman who works outside the house and pursues a professional career is possible. As a working parent, Laura teaches her children how to complete tasks independently to acquire a strong feeling of responsibility from a young age. Apart from her family, Laura has the option to broaden her circle via networking with her coworkers. This also allows them to take their children on business excursions. That’s one-on-one time with their family and coworkers. Whereas being a working mom sometimes helps, at the same time, it also has some cons. Laura worked for nine hours, drove home through heavy traffic, and returned to restless children who needed her attention. Working mothers deal with these issues daily, in addition to other responsibilities. Follow Laura on Instagram.

Working women are taught to understand that the notion of the perfect work-life balance is impossible. Instead, think of work as one of many life tasks you juggle with other responsibilities. Each position may necessitate more exertion than others throughout the year and your life. But Laura is fulfilling her every role as perfectly as she can. It was hard for her to manage during her photographic career because she had to tend to travel to different cities and places to cover the events. Therefore, she quit it and started a new one, a Social media coach. As a social media coach, she taught various skills and tricks about several social platforms on her Instagram account. Technology has its perks; it is beneficial for Laura to manage her time for her family and work. Laura can deal with her client over a call or video call to get their job done. Laura is an accurate picture of effort and balance. Follow Laura on Instagram.