Latif Sehabi

Latif Sehabi

Latif Sehabi is an excellent businessman and a prominent figure in the manufacturing industry. He is a dedicated individual that has put countless years of effort into becoming a successful businessman. Latif grew up in Adana, Turkey, and has lived in the city since he was a child. His upbringing, family, and roots are tied to Adana and its abundant opportunities for businesses. Latif is the owner of SHB Steels, which is an export and import corporation. His company is highly notable in Turkey and has many emerging industrialists inspired to follow the same path, and learn his ways. Latif’s life was full of hardships and financial struggles, yet he was able to turn his life around and become a successful, humble and inspirational figure. SBH Steels is a corporate that started in 1979. The company has years of experience and skillful workers that bring pride and fame to its name. The company currently stands as a top producer and exporter in the steel industry. Its manufactured products and services are appreciated in the industry on great levels. The company is the first preferred in Adana and other major cities due to the well-established name and success. The company is built in the Adana Yumurtalik free zone; an 11,000 m2 factory that also has more than 80 alliance offices including Mersin employees. The workers are full of life and energy that shows in their productivity and splendid work ethic.

SHB Steel concentrates on the generation and exportation of many iron and steel goods. The products are in a variety ranging from square profiles, pipes, rectangular profiles, wire cylinders, welded steel web, and also coils. The coils can be purchase in hot rolled, hot Dip, galvanized, sheet, and other rhombus stock in the global and national market. The production sector deals with the manufacturing of steel products and finishes cutting, forming, straightening, welding, drawing, and slitting. The company owns multiple high technological machines and has intelligent workers in the production sector. The products are recognized up to the standards of Turkey, America, and Britain.

SHB Steel has evolved in the industrial world by gaining positive influence from its clients due to its high-quality service and reasonable costs. The company strives to be a leading producer and trader globally by giving the most trustworthy services and resolutions. The company also intents on being sustainable and finding methods of production and trade that are safe and reliable for all global citizens, and not hazardous in the long run. Currently, SBH has a production capacity of 60 thousand tons and an exportation capacity of 100 thousand tons yearly. The yearly turnover is 50 million dollars, and the company is set to improve and strive for growth every year, through expansion.

Latif has an Instagram profile which he uses as a personal blog and uploads gorgeous fancy pictures about his life. His pictures depict him as a man of strong principles regarding work and family life. His love for his family members and private life is immense just like his work. His profile shows an individual who can manage it all and is capable of balancing his career and having fun in his life too. His aesthetic updates on Instagram contrast vastly with the image of him as a staunch businessman and brings more insight into him as a person with a lovely family and pet. He strives to make the world a better place and promote more sustainability in Industrial services. He aims to promote investments in renewable power for a better future for all, and to reduce the harming effects of the industry.

Latif is a very humble and kind gentleman who is always ready to help someone else with their troubles and give them advice. He can be personally contacted on his Instagram for work-related issues. His Instagram username is ‘latif_sehabi’, and the website of SHB Steel is listed below.