L.A.Pryce (@l.a.pryce)

L.A.Pryce (@l.a.pryce)

L.A. Pryce is a New Jersey born and California raised Independent artist. His genre of music is Rap and hip-hop and he is among the rising stars of Rap.

His passion for music started with listening to the famous rappers of his childhood which included Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and many more. At the age of 8 when he was in grade 3, his older brother Ced taught him how to rap and since then he has been passionate about it.

Pryce is a family guy. He loves spending time with his nephew. He considers it therapeutic and relaxing. He enjoys playing Fortnite with his nephew. His brother, Ced is his biggest supporter and has been one ever since the beginning of his career. Ced and their father started a contracting and painting business years ago before their father passed away. Pryce often helps out with the business and tries his best to be available when he is needed.

Pryce spends a fair amount of time in the gym too. He loves working out and considers fitness a very important aspect to life. He strives for a healthy lifestyle.

Along with making music as an independent artist and running his very own record label called Cyrus-Music Group he has also been an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement dedicating his song “OFFSIDES” to the cause.

He is also a song writer and has worked alongside his idol and major rap legend Dr. Dre. Juicy Jay, Ray J are some more of the major artists he has worked with along with many other artists.

Recently upon finishing his very first movie with producer Arthur Spivak, the multitalented Pryce joined SAG (Screen Actors Guild). He has also been working to produce and compose music for TV and Film such as the famous TV series “The Purge” series in USA. He has also partnered with Tyler Bates and created the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour track. Bates solicited Pryce to perform the PGA TOUR track which is a big achievement, and he is only just getting started!

L.A. Pryce dreams to work hard and earn a place among the rap legends of this generation. He is driven by the trust and confidence his family has in him, which keeps him on his feet and keen to work. With trust in God and in himself, he has been able to make it this far and will continue to do so. Though dealing with anxiety, hate, rejection can be tough, L.A. Pryce has been able to steer clear of all problems with his focus and determination which is admirable and inspirational.

Most of the artwork on his song covers is done by Harley Bennett (@harleybenettdesigns on IG). He has been working on producing his songs with de Majik, Moneybin, Nibbs, Datboygood and many more producers.

His songs have the traditional Rap feel to it alongside a touch of his eccentric unique style. He likes to rap about his life and the struggle he has faced to get where he is today. He is a consistent artiest with new tracks releasing every month and sometimes twice a month which really gives an idea of how enthusiastic he is about his career.

L.A. Pryce is an inspiration to many because he makes what he wants and what he likes instead of what is mainstream and popular. This is daring and extremely praiseworthy because most new rappers tend to go for a more mainstream sound. This unique approach towards rap is what makes L.A. Pryce special and distinctive in a sea of monotone rap.

He says he wants to leave a mark and to be remembered for his work. For that, he says working hard every day and writing songs that will touch people’s hearts is the way to do it. After all that is what a musician does. He expresses his feelings and opinions through music which is what L.A. Pryce does and will continue to do as he is here for a long time and is not going anywhere before he makes sure the world hears this music. He can be followed on the social media platform Instagram as @l.a.pryce, where he posts regular updates regarding his music and lifestyle.