Out of the many existing industries, one that never fails to bring something innovative is the one and only, the fashion industry. The fashion industry comprising of great artists has made a prominent impact in our lives and globally as well. Being amongst the biggest industries, it is no shock to witness 16% of the population working somewhere as a part of this industry. It has brought the most noticeable change through the years and will continue to do so. This particular industry is part of almost all the social and cultural events and evolves like no other industry each time.

Fashion is used by individuals as a means of communication where they can express their minds in the shape of fashion. One such emerging, talented individual belonging to this industry is Leon Corbin. Leon prefers to be known by the name Kxng Noel and uses this name for his fashion line. Leon owns this brand that he started himself called KXNGNOEL. Leon is an entrepreneur who invested a lot of time and dedicated all his attention to making his dream come to life. Many people lose that thrive to do something consistently due to various kinds of demands, but it takes only a truly enthusiastic individual to make a fashion line successful and operating.

Leon established a full-fledged website kxngnoelclothing.threadless.com/designs to showcase all the available designs by KXNGNOEL. One may think that his designs are limited to just T-shirts or pants, but they are wrong. Leon has a variety of stuff that he has marked his famous designs on. There are a total of five categories of items starting from men’s, women’s, kid’s, home, and accessories. Under the main categories there lie sub-categories which makes it easier for a customer to navigate through their choice of item. Talking solely about the category of men’s, one can see a list of items ranging from V-necks to sweatshirts and pull-up hoodies. Women’s category has somewhat the same listed items as men’s but with the addition of a few more, like scoop-necks. The kid’s section has the highest count of listed items such as baby bodysuits and toddler’s long sleeves T-shirts.

As mentioned above, Leon’s fashion line spreads far across human clothing. What makes his brand more interesting are the remaining two categories, that is, home and accessories. If there is someone who is tired of the same old boring designs and is looking for some unique fashion to decorate their home then KXNGNOEL is the absolute choice for them. From rugs to blankets, and shower curtains, Leon has not left a single item un-introduced to his designs. Moreover, under the accessories option is an enormous range to choose from. Face masks that can get a little boring during the Covid-pandemic situation have also been chosen by Leon to imprint his style on. Stickers, magnets, phone cases, buttons, and many more accessories are widely available on the website too. 

From the looks of it, it is important to mention that Leon’s main idea revolves around family. His designs focus on the importance of family as can be seen in most of his collection. Phrases such as “mother’s matter” and “interracial love” depict the true essence of joy that is found where there is love. Besides the family-oriented designs, Leon has not deterred away from the social problems that prevail in the society we live in. In one of his designs that relates to domestic violence, he imprints the quote “I am stronger today” to raise awareness concerning domestic violence and offer a type of moral support to the victims.

Leon is on Instagram by the name @kxngnoel5 where he has placed links to different social media platforms promoting his business. Leon has strived hard to reach this place today. He is truly an idol for people who want to start something they are passionate about.