Kuwaiti Lab – Think right (@q8ylab)

Kuwaiti Lab – Think right (@q8ylab)

Kids, teenagers, and adults can all without a single doubt attest to how enjoyable an activity crafting is. Picking it up at any age can prove to be a pleasant experience for people which is why you’d be hard pressed to find children in the first few years of their life not engaging in crafting in some shape or form. Everything from picking up a piece of play dough and molding a shape from it, to scribbling on paper and the walls in your homes with a stray crayon, to even playing with their food who some describe as experimenting with your surroundings, can constitute to craftsmanship. The reason that contributes to craftsmanship being so important and a preferred activity for children, and anyone really, is because it helps in improving the motor skills of children and acquainting them with different materials and textures. 

Anyone who is able to correctly use the skills they receive from being interested in craftsmanship from any times in their lives are able to develop these skills and grow into people who have incredible control over their motor skills and the ability to see the world through a more creative lens. They are able to create amazing works of art and practical objects because of their relationship with crafts that they nurtured from early ages. A common misconception that has held up is that this form is something that should be left behind as you grow older because it has no practical or financial benefits, but recently, with people teaching themselves how to work power tools and use the skills they learn from basic design thinking, they are able to make a living and enjoy crafting for a lot of reasons.

Kuwaiti Lab, stylized on its social media platforms as q8ylab, is a business that is operated from the home of its Kuwaiti owner. Clearly, the owner is someone who was able to get to the avenues that allowed him to explore is creativity and polish it into his unmatched craftsmanship capacities, this account is a feast for the eyes of those who have any love or appreciation for crafts and the brains and hands behind it.

Calling himself a “custom maker”, the owner of Kuwaiti Lab has the slogan – think right. By thinking right and having the skills and the determination to make something you envision in your head a tangible piece of art, q8ylab is a shining example of that.

He works with any and every material you could think of, and his Instagram account pays homage to his genius-level crafting skills and the hard work and skill it takes to achieve mastery of working with such a vast array of power tools, mediums, and materials. Wood, metals, steel, resin, paint, stone, plastic, sometimes even gold, are only some of the materials the brains and hands behind q8ylab have used and showcased on his profile. Not only is that a nod to his skill set, but it also shows how versatile he is as a creative and as a business owner whose success and sales rely heavily on how easily he can maneuver around such elemental materials.

Not only are the skills of q8ylab commendable, owing to his dexterity, he also possesses a very conscious and intelligent eye for color, design, structure, and aesthetics. Most of the creations he has on his Instagram and on his website which he sells and sometimes makes on commissions are gorgeous, eye-catching works of art. What is important to note is that these creations are never the work of one material but a combination of many, which makes manipulating them into the image he wants all the more difficult.

Q8ylabs operates on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and even sells on their own website and on Amazon. The pieces that have been crafted and curated are breathtaking, complex pieces and deserve even more appreciative eyes.