Kule T (@kule_t_mn8)

Kule T (@kule_t_mn8)

Kule T is a British singer and songwriter. He is an ex-member of the English band MN8. MN8, also known as Da Jeuce, was an R&B-pop group based in the UK and formed in 1992. The band consisted of four members, namely Dee Tails, Kule T, KG, and G-Man. The band members parted ways in 1999 which marked the end of the group.

Kule T was one of the lead vocalists for the band. He had been a music enthusiast since he was a child. This is because he was exposed to different kinds of music genres very early on in life. This exposure developed the love for music in him and thus began his musical journey. When he was ten years old, Kule T started playing drums at his local church. He then moved from the drums to the guitar and bass guitar. Since he had started playing musical instruments before he turned into a teenager, Kule T’s love for musical performances grew, leading him to become part of an acapella group called Spirit with three other members. Kule began singing, songwriting, and performing after joining this group. However, the group didn’t last, which led Kule T to end up with MN8.

MN8 was the recipe for success. It was definitely a key ingredient in Kule’s recipe for success. After three years of its formation, the group released a hit single called “I’ve Got a Little Something For You” in 1995. This was the lead single for the album “To the Next Level .”Funnily enough, the album did take the group to the next level. The single peaked at the second spot on the UK singles chart. The group hit it off after that, and Kule was able to become the opening act for some of the most popular acts of the time, including Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Madonna, Robbie William, and Backstreet Boys.

However, the group broke up in 1999. Kule T focused more on his family than venturing solo in music. Kule did not stop writing songs and composing music during his time away from the limelight. And after a well-deserved break, he was ready to get back into the music industry. His first single, “Truly It,” was released in 2018. This was the beginning of Kule’s solo musical venture, and he has been releasing songs since then.

Kule T has a verified Spotify account which has around 4738 monthly listeners from all over the world, including India and the Czech Republic. He has 1770 followers on his Spotify, and all his songs have thousands of streams, signifying how popular they are with his fans.

Kule T also has an Instagram account where he shares snippets from his daily life for his followers to see. This includes his musical work, his gatherings with his friends and family, and pictures of himself. He currently has 768 posts on his Instagram account and a massive 16.6k followers.

He dropped his debut album “Emotional Rollercoaster” in late 2021, and it has definitely become a fan favorite. Amidst all his solo work, Kule T has never shied away from collaborations with other artists. Most of his collaborations have been with DJ Terra, and Kule is also open to collaborations with other artists.

Kule T performed at many venues following his album release and did several interviews and shows with different media sources to promote his album and talk about it in detail. According to him, the album reflects his life journey and the rollercoaster of emotions that he’s gone on battling different situations in life. If you wish to follow Kule T on social media or listen to his songs, you can find him on Instagram with the username @tule_k_mn8.