Kronatix (@kingkronatix)

Music is therapeutic in the midst of life’s stress. It’s as though you’re escaping reality. Kronatix, who has roughly 1.1 million Instagram followers (@kingkronatix), is the perfect star for someone who is passionate about music. Kronatix is an ambitious fresh music producer that began his career in 2018 on Sound Cloud. Within a few years of entering the music industry, he established himself as a producer, thanks to partnerships with Southside, 808 Mafia.  Kronatix used to be an Xbox gamer before he started composing beats. This well-known song producer was also a well-known Call of Duty sniper player. OpTic, FaZe, Dare, Instinct, rM, and P7 are just a few of his squads. He left the playing sector for the music business, with a twitch channel that has over a million views and 30K+ followers.

His title comes from his gaming experience. On Xbox, he went by a variety of identities, however, Kronatix was the one that remained with him. From 2009 to 2001, he worked as a graphic designer and team manager for a number of well-known YouTube Sniping Organizations and Competitive Sniping teams. What are you looking for? Follow Kronatix immediately to discover further about him.

Kronatix is 6ft 2in high and originates out of Irish and Italian background. He was born in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Carroll High School and subsequently Thomas More University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems while competing on a college level. Kronatix began performing music at a young age, learning to master the guitar, keyboard, flute, and a variety of other equipment. He began writing songs in high school, but a few years later, he began producing beats. His uncle was a New York DJ and Producer who assisted him in the creation of music. He was motivated to create songs by his grandmother, who had been a singer. He was inspired to pursue an artist and a graphic designer by his two grandfathers, one of whom was a drummer in a band and the other a portrait artist. With over 9.7K followers on Facebook, you may find him (@ Kronatix).

Kronatix began by using the DAW Reaper, and after a year, he moved to FL Studio. He draws inspiration from a variety of producers and musicians, although Murda Beatz and 808 Mafia are his biggest influences. Kronatix has 12K+ SoundCloud followers and 15M+ SoundCloud plays throughout his career, as well as 6.1K monthly Spotify listeners. His SoundCloud got prominent after publishing musical partnerships with several well-known artists, resulting in millions of listens on releases. His releases of “Throne” starring Phlexn, “Blessed” and “I Invented Trap” Episode and “Southside” with 808 Mafia hang up the best. Kronatix’s long-term goals include continuing to collaborate with other great brains in the music industry and landing a position with a prominent star, that would boost his profile and lead to other positions and partnerships. He’s working on a number of beat songs and albums. Follow him on YouTube (@Kronatix), where he has 8.09k subscribers.

Kronatix has been identified as a vehicle aficionado in numerous of his Instagram postings, in addition to being a music producer, graphic artist, and gamer. He posted about his dream car, a Mercedes, on Instagram in April 2018. Getting your first car is an exciting experience. The noise of a motor, racing and the sense of accomplishment that arises from driving a car and being able to use it are all fantastic sensations. Car enthusiasts would undoubtedly understand. And you’d be surprised at how much Kronatix adores automobiles. Take a look at his Instagram! You can also follow him on Twitter (@Kronatix) where he has 4.4k followers.