Kristina Tanso (@kristinalifefiltered)

Kristina Tanso (@kristinalifefiltered)

This world is full of bewitching places which are homes to impressive species. The world itself provides therapy to the human mind, a direction to live their life to the fullest and solitude to ponder upon their talents and excel in this world. Realizing these unmatchable gifts of nature Kristina Tanso, an inhabitant of Hong Kong, set out on a journey to explore the world and cherish its beauty to the fullest.

An explorer, a traveller, an author, a filmmaker, and a journalist are a few of the professions Kristina’s multitasking have earned her. She dedicated her life to discover the gifts of nature and enlighten other people about them. Her love for travelling took her to different places around the world. Her journey includes the tour of Hong Kong itself, Thailand, Florida, California, Mexico, Singapore, Sydney, Australia, Israel, Venice and countless other states and countries. Owner of a warm and welcoming personality, Kristina loves to socialize with new people and learn about their culture. Tasting distinct cuisines and touring famous hotels and restaurants are some of her numerous pursuits. Owing to her experience and exposure she even benefited from her opportunities of learning multiple languages.

Kristina’s list of adventures extends to a variety of recreational activities ranging from a hike on a mighty mountain and an expedition in a dense forest to a resting nap on a fine Sunday under an umbrella on a sunny beach and few dives in a lake or a swimming pool. With due respect to her profession, Kristina prefers to keep herself physically slim and smart through various techniques such as work out and yoga poses. A healthy life is the first step to a happy life.

Kristina’s everyday adventures prove to be an inspiration for her writings. She is an author and a journalist who had written and composed several novels and documentaries, respectively. Her documentary films evoke people’s attention towards the endangered wildlife on earth. Her latest documentary, namely, ‘Searching For Chinook’ sheds light upon the last 74 Southern resident Orcas Whales which needs to be saved. Her love for animals is manifested in her adventure stories. She even volunteered her services for an elephant nature park in Thailand. Apart from this, she adores her puppy pet which happens to be a French Bulldog named Hugo.

Articles written by Kristina Tanso covers the best places for touring, weekend resorts, holiday spots and much more. Some of her famous writings are titled, ‘Art Basel Hong Kong 2017: Where To Dine & Drink’ and ‘The Exotic Island Resort You Need To See To Believe’. These articles provide an exclusive travel guide for people designing their splendid holiday plans. Kristina’s articles never forget to mention the must-visit places and the must-see pieces of arts which hides in them the phenomenal tales of history.

Apart from all her expeditions and fun-loving activities when alone in solitude she finds her peace in the swirling pages of novels and books. Her bookworm nature has expanded her reading list immensely including the novels Beautiful Bad, Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself, Big Mafic, and Prayers For The Stolen. Apart from her reading habits she firmly believes in Astronomy and the movement of the moon and stars that bestows power and energy to the elements of nature to influence your life. With her writings and insight, Kristina aims to discover something new and expand beyond the boundaries of this world. Undoubtedly, the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

You do not live once beside you live daily until you die once and a traveller possesses the bravery and passion to live every single day of his life and embrace every ounce of his existence in the open air of a meadow, a beach or maybe a clifftop. To explore more about our explorer, you can follow her on Instagram @kristinalifefiltered where she regularly posts pics of her adventures and her cute little puppy dog Hugo. You can even follow the Instagram page @hugoroonies to exclusively attain more pics of the cute Hugo. Apart from this Kristiana Tanso is also available for her fans on Twitter and Pinterest @kristinatanso where she likes to share her favourite quotations and her reading list with her followers.