Kristina Earnest (@kristinaearnest)

Your road to a healthier lifestyle isn’t one you embark on and then abandon. It’s a voyage that you’ll be taking for your entire life. Kristina Earnest is a fitness trainer and model to inspire others about healthier lives. She is on Instagram as @kristinaearnest with her 30.1k followers. Kristina had always had a manifestation for fitness since her childhood when her mom took her to her first fitness group session. It was difficult and isolated to go from a career she enjoyed to a place she didn’t know anything about. Kristina stepped back and considered what genuinely made her happy: exercise! She was a runner and a group exercise fanatic who wanted to inspire others to feel like she did after a good sweat. It’s a chance for you to get in fitness by following Kristina Earnest on Instagram.

Kristina held online cardio sessions and exercise training. To operate as a Fitness Instructor in the USA, she has a Certificate III and IV in Health. While this is a legal necessity, fitness Trainers must also continue to upskill and participate in their professional development. The fitness business is constantly changing and expanding, visiting seminars, taking short courses, reading literature, attending fitness events, and listening to podcasts. Therefore fitness trainers must keep current on the newest training trends and research. She must demonstrate professionalism as a fitness cult as an exceptional fitness cult. Being on time, dressed correctly, and presenting oneself as a healthy, active person are all things that a trainer must do. Your clientele would probably follow you if you walked the walk and set a better example. Follow Kristina Earnest on Instagram.

​Kristina inherits all her passion for fitness from her mother because her mom had to attend the group sessions, bringing Kristina with her. From there, Kristina has the urge to become a successful fitness trainer. Now she is holding online and in-person training and group cardio sessions. The journey to success has never been easy for anyone; everyone has to come through many hurdles and challenging times. As Kristina did before coming towards fitness training, she is doing a job in Chicago, which she hardly manages. But when you have a genuine desire to do something, the whole universe is trying to help you get your dream. Kristina’s life changed in just 45 minutes when a cycling sub didn’t show up for a class at David Barton Gym. And after nine years of hard struggle and training, she’s been highlighted in Women’s Health, Pop Sugar Fitness, iFit’s streaming platform, Carbon38, Revolve, and more with over nine years of teaching experience. Follow Kristina Earnest on Instagram.

As being a mother of 2 daughters, Kristina has to manage her time for her family. She has a healthy and loving family. Being a mother is a difficult task. On top of all the physical changes your body through during and after pregnancy, it’s emotionally draining. We’ve seen more moms like Kristina than ever before take charge of their fitness and encourage others due to the development of social networks. It doesn’t matter how much you can deadlift or how high exercise you do is. The actual fitness heroes are the parents who make it there despite their crazy schedules. But as the technology evolved, it brought ease to life. Due to the pandemic, Kristina recorded and uploaded all her videos to her website. She also integrated a mobile application to get her followers healthy and fit. The goal of these applications is to measure your food intake, water intake, and workout habit to make your lifestyle healthier. Some applications even monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, which is helpful for people who have high blood pressure. Follow Kristina Earnest on Instagram.