Kristin Atwood’s Chef Studio’s (@chefstudiokrissy)

Kristin Atwood’s Chef Studio’s (@chefstudiokrissy)

Good content creation in the world of today where every other person has a smartphone and access to the internet is really a difficult task. Content over various topics such as food, clothing, fashion, technology, etc. is being created every single day but to think such content that was nominated for a James Beard award is a huge accomplishment and Kristin Atwood is the sole receiver of that recognition. To think what started off as a video editing for small food restaurants to working with huge brands such as Doritos is really an interesting journey to follow.

Kristin Atwood’s Chef Studio’s journey started off with her being interested in making videos and capturing food pictures. She began with going to random restaurants and asking them if she could work with them in making small snippets or ads for their menu which she would then take home and edit in her bedroom space. Slowly and gradually she started getting opportunities to work with bigger brands like Dorito with their Rose Campaign. Although she loved working for clients, she had a desire for creating her own creative content which was outside the boundaries of what the clients ordered. So for that purpose, the YouTube platform was perfect. There she started posting about the work she had been doing for her clients and also the content she did for her own. This led to her videos attracting interest from across the globe and hence Chef Studio was formed.

Atwood has been a professional chef all her life and she amalgamated her love for food and photography to create amazing content that was loved by all. Her YouTube channel filled with creative content hit 70,000 subscribers and received love from the entire world in the form of millions of likes on her videos, tutorials, and web series. Atwood takes her craft seriously and works to the bone to please not only her clients but also herself. She is an amazing content creator who always looks for ways to improve and do better for herself and her clients.

Her efforts showed results through positive feedback from her clients and viewers from all over the globe. To top it off she was recognized for her content and was named as YouTube’s Creator on the Rise in the last year, she was nominated for a huge award called the James Beard Award in 2020, and recently she was nominated for two Webbys at the 25th Annual Webby Awards. Her work cannot be overlooked as her work screams success.

Currently her work is focusing on a more web series side of work where she creates content in a form of series. She used the streaming platform and also work with VOD (Video on Demand) to give the people what they want. She is also working with a few small broadcasting media producers to further her goal in creating a more traditional outlook for the television.

Chef Studio is an amazing platform for people to follow and create beautiful food ideas even if it’s as simple as making a bowl of fruit loops to hand-laminated ravioli to as tiring as Dalonga coffee which uses a lot of arm workout.

Apart from being an amazing chef, photographer, videographer, businesswoman, and much more, Atwood has a deep love for music because, like food content creation, music is also a way to express herself. She enjoys the music content of Joji, Dope Lemon, K-OS, Issa Bagayogo, and Katherine Petkovski. She also loves memes and tries for memes to reach out to as many people as possible because she believes people should live their life to the fullest and be happy and if memes make people happy then why not embrace them.

Atwood also loves traveling with her favorite place to visit being Scotland. She loves the sunrise and the soothing times of the day where she can relax and find comfort in the simplest things in life. Check out her Instagram page and website to show support and grow her business.