Kristi Bakken (@kristi.bakken)

Kristi Bakken (@kristi.bakken)

Traveling is the food of the soul; it revives one from the rut of daily life and serves as a reminder that you’re alive, and that is precisely the motto of a young digital artist — Kristi Bakken. Kristi is a traveling enthusiast who grew up in the beautiful greens of the North Eastside. But her young and bright mind was curious about the ways of the world at the age of 18. So then she left her hometown, spread her wings, and moved to bright and sunny California.

Kristi has always been an inquisitive soul with a brilliant mind. Determined and resilient from her primes years, she had big dreams from the start. Kristi always wanted to study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). With hard work and determination, Kristi got into her dream school and majored in Sociology and Film & TV. She took her time to ravel the joys of being a student, graduated with a degree seven years later, and looks forward to pursuing a master’s degree someday.

Some people are dwellers. While others are free-spirited and want to travel the world, connect with nature, experience new things. Kristi is the perfect embodiment of such free-spirited souls who thrive on adventures. So, after her studies had wrapped up, she packed her bags and set out for traveling the world. For four years, Kristi dedicated her life to trekking around the globe, linking with communities, learning new experiences.

Impulsivity doesn’t suit everyone. But, for Kristi, it’s a lifestyle. So, during the start of her traveling career, she booked a one-way ticket to exquisite South East Asia. Visiting that place has always intrigued her, and now it was Kristi’s time to fulfill her dreams. That summer, she earned herself a job in Mediterranea as a Yacht Host, perfect for Krista as it helped her travel more throughout her career.

Getting away from your daily life and home gives you the chance to reflect on your life. It gives you time and space to let your imagination wander and take stock. That is exactly what Krista did as she traveled far and wide. Up till now, she has visited 35 countries, but she can’t wait to see more!

 Krista’s dedication to her passion exhibits how ambitious she is. Being a generous person at heart, she wanted to share her adventures with the world. In this regard, Krista made a blog to serve as her travel diary, in which there are tips and tales from the time she was on the road and the people she met. Her blog is a collaboration of her life, and it has inspired hundreds and thousands of people until now. Her followers’ count increases day by day as more people find her ambition contagious. The only way to be able to travel everywhere and enjoy the experiences is to have good health. Moreover, it does not matter if it is the palm trees of the Tulum beach or the beaches of Colombia; Kristi looks good everywhere due to her focus on keeping herself in top-notch shape. She enjoys fitness routines and often inspires her fans to follow a lifestyle that supports their dreams.

Travelers are dreamers. Their knowledge base is supreme, and their experiences deserve to be heard. And Kristi’s followers would wholeheartedly agree with this. So, through her blog, you can travel the world with her, feel the joy, experience the thrill of an adventure. And this is what makes her extraordinary in the crowd of blog makers. So, if you also want to check her out, you can follow her on Instagram: @kristi.bakken or visit her website: http://kristi–