Kismet Macrame Records (@kismet_macrame)

Kismet Macrame Records (@kismet_macrame)

You probably heard people say “Music is for the soul”. But very few know what it actually means.

Our body vibrates energetically at a specific frequency. Lower frequency makes energy denser and you seem to feel the heavy burden of your problems. You can feel the negativity in your life enter as you go through the pain and mental confusion.

Located in Austin Texas Kismet Macrame Records (KMR) an LLC which aims to produce angelic frequencies. The conscious music helps you heal positively.

The music produced by KMR increases the frequency of your vibration/energy and you began to experience clarity, peace, happiness and the pain and discomfort start to wash away.  Your body adapts a positive quality and everything you desire is attainable.

KMR currently has 12 songs that you can listen to on Spotify at Kismet Macrame Records. Some of these tracks are Bombay, Fortune Lane, and Paper & Pendulum. As soon as you listening to these tracks you can feel the awakening of your soul and the positive energy being released in your body.

Here are few benefits if you listen to the soothing music produced by Kismet Macrame Records: eradicates the feeling of guilt, removes negative energy from the body, creates a harmonious interpersonal relationship, purifies mind and body, awakens intuition, and promotes positive expressions. 

Cyrus Martin, one of the owners of KMR is a non-fungible token (NFT) artist. You can head over to his Tik Tok page @tesladad. Where you can find all about NFT production equipment.

In few of his Tik Tok videos, you can find him showing some of his gadgets like the Antiminer Hashing SHA 256, an ASIC mining hardware series by Bitmain. You’ll also find a video on ROG Zephyrus Duo SE.

Also, if you are into cars, Cyrus Tik Tok’s page has several videos on Tesla Model X. You can even find a video on the autopilot mode of Tesla Model X! Moreover, you can find a video of him showing himself in a Polaris.

You can buy some of Kismet Macrame NFT photographs and songs from OpenSea at their account Kismet macrame prime. They have more than 10 items that cost ETH 0.2 and ETH 0.3. Some of the art pieces on their marketplace are on the artist Frida and the city of Chicago. So, head over to OpenSea to check them out!

Another owner of the LLC Kismet Macrame is Adrian Martin, a private Chef by profession. Adrian believes in the power of nature so you will mostly find him traveling to different places to find peace in nature.

He believes there is positivity in nature that helps your soul relax and heal. In one of his posts on Instagram, he said “The magic of nature embraces me whole, it calms all my worries and soothes my soul, chaos is present and lurking around but hope is much stronger and will always be found”.

If you’re mesmerized by Adrian’s saying, you can find more posts on his Instagram that will help you heal and discover the power of nature. You can check him on his Instagram profile @chefadrianmartin.

Moreover, his feed is also full of his talent. Where he shares his dishes and his different experiences with food. Some mouthwatering dishes you can find are galangal kombu broth, Lemon lime bar, and lion mane corn South Indian curry.

In addition, you can find satisfying videos of him plating in his highlights. Chef Adrian travels a lot so, you can stay updated on where he’s heading next by following him on his Instagram.

To find your soul and positive energy follow @kismetmacrame on Instagram, Kismet Macrame records on Spotify, and Kismet macrame prime on OpenSea.