Kimberly Edelsbacher (@thinkgypsy)

Kimberly Edelsbacher (@thinkgypsy)

This article introduces you to a young, versatile, and multi-faceted personality whose name is Kimberly Edelsbacher.

Kimberly Edelsbacher is a USA-based model, content creator, and successful travel blogger. She was born in Steyr, Austria but raised in Sarasota, Florida. That’s why she has made both the United States and Austria her home. After graduating in psychology, she decided to take up the business route and has lately been working on getting her Masters in International Business at the University of London. She has been modeling for a long. She always wanted to do something unique and has been passionate about being creative in photography and crazy about documenting her travel adventures. She started this unique career path back in 2017 when she was at the University of Central Florida and in 2018; she started pursuing content creation as a full-time job. That time she picked up a camera and started snapping pictures of her travels. She kept posting her pictures on Instagram and interestingly that changed her life. She would go on trips all around the world, posting little snapshots of every place. People across the world started liking her posting of travel pictures. That’s the reason her Instagram page @thinkgypsy and her blog ‘Think Gypsy’ started growing in popularity. The most fascinating thing about her is that she talks about everything, from off the beaten path travels to self-timer camera photoshoots. In her blogs, she loves sharing her love for food, travel, photography, content creation, and about life generally.  She for the past two years has been a blogger, model, and content creator for international brands and businesses such as Ritz Carlton, Nike, Marriott, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Delta, Bose, and more. Working with these companies made her be social media influencer. She also has been a freelance editor for the Austrian Luxury Travel Magazine ‘Reise Aktuell’ representing the US and Caribbean markets. Besides, She is a real estate agent too who as a trained professional uses all the skills ranging from marketing technology to communication and negotiation, to help one throughout one’s entire home search or sale process. Owing to Kim’s talent and worldwide popularity, several magazines have featured her and her work.

In addition to this, Kim also has the credit of developing her own system ‘the digital wallet card’ that would help travelers find the ultimate photo spot. One can download and save this card to one’s phone wallet. With this card, it becomes easier for a traveler to open a map of photo spots. Currently, she not only runs her own social media page, and creates content for companies but she also manages the social media accounts for local businesses in her hometown Sarasota. Besides, she is in the process of creating her own Think Gypsy brand clothing.

Kim Edelsbacher has an influencing personality with an impressive attitude. She has a loving heart and a caring soul.  She has always been determined to help other people flourish in their businesses. Moreover, she is an optimistic and cheerful person who stays focused on the positive aspects of life and never relies on any other person for her happiness. She never pays heed to negativity and is never found in the company of pessimists. She even doesn’t care what others think of and talk about her. In this regard, she is of the view that people judge others no matter what they do. That’s why any person must never worry about what others say against him/her and stays focused on pursuing his/her career goals. She believes in being herself and never pretends to be what she is not. She is vibrant, dynamic, and full of vigour.

Despite being busy, she is very social and friendly. Her social circle is swelling with each passing day. This can be known from the fact that she on her Instagram account has been able to garner 50.4K followers. More can be learned about this fascinating versatile personality if she is followed on her social media accounts, the links to which are given below.