Kevin Dice-Glider (_dicetheninja)

Kevin Dice-Glider (_dicetheninja)

A dancer living in the boroughs of the state of New York city, residing in the most populous county in the state, Brooklyn, is our ever so talented individual, Kevin Dice Glider. He is a very versatile dancer that follows the old moves of the way of the Bruk Up style. He often models for companies and clients where he showcases his variance of poses based on his dancing style which is highly adored by all. Such variety is loved by the modeling industry where he is known and loved. He also loves being an actor as his side job where he displays his mass talent for the art of acting. He is a multitalented individual living his content life in the county of New York City.

Dice Glider also known as Dice The Ninja is popularly known for the unique style of Bruk Up. This style is a dance that bridges the Jamaican dancehalls and the Brooklyn streets in a very special way. Bruk up style was created in the early 90s by a dancer, George Bruk Up Adams, who was suffering from disbanding childhood bone infection which led to a change in his movements. He used that to his advantage and fought his way out of the disease and developed a new way of dancing and named it “Bruk Up”. He was quickly celebrated for his achievement and his style of dancing was quickly adopted by boroughs of the Caribbean neighborhoods to the likes of Bed-Stuy, East New York, Flatbush, and Crown Heights. In Bruk Up, dancers have to think outside of the box because if they don’t, they will lose character and character is very important in this style of dancing. Today, this style of dancing is widely popular and Dice Glider is no stranger to it. He describes it as like a video game with one on one battle, finishing it all off in the final move. He uses other variations in it as well including flexing, free form, and bone breaking as well as the old school hip hop dancing including that of pop and lock.

Dice Glider brings soul to his performances with the way he moves. They are so smooth and exuberant that at times it feels like he was born without bones. His movements bring life to the crowd as it feels as if liquid is flowing through his body and somehow this body is protecting the liquid from flowing out. Dice Glider posts motivational and realistic quotes on his Instagram posts to help people realize the reality of this world and themselves. One quote wrote “Just because everyone loves you doesn’t mean they all respect you… no matter how trustworthy you are,

always remember that you are not special to everyone and anyone can hurt you if you train them well on how to.” He makes sure his fans and viewers know not to deviate from the reality of life and be on the fast track to success. He also became a brand ambassador with his partner @rolypoly23 for Damodd Empire which is a multimedia company where various celebrations are held in the south area.

He also takes out time for his partner and makes sure she knows that she is his number one girl. He often posts collaborative dance covers and cosplays with his girl. He also has his own local business namely Dice Stealth Clothing where he makes clothing items especially to the likes of headbands. These headbands are widely popular amongst the mass where people of all ages and gender are using them and styling them in accordance with their own originality. He also posts occasional memes on his Instagram profile to show his goofy side. In order for him to do what he does on a scale bigger than where he currently performs, do give his Facebook and Instagram profile a chance and support his local business.