Kevin Clouds (@clouds810)

Kevin Clouds (@clouds810)

The talent to make music is rare, there are very few born with it. Kevin Clouds is one of them. He has used his unique methods to combine different melodies to make the best pieces of art.

Kevin Clouds is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Flint Michigan. Recently he has been rising in the music industry as his track become popular amongst international listeners.

Clouds are registered by BMI and is a Google panel artist. He is also a verified artist on Spotify. Moreover, he has his own website (

Flint which is known for its hip hop culture, which is what inspired Clouds to begin his career in music in 2019. His passion and love for music can be found in his songs. He doesn’t take music just as a hobby, he calls it his refuge which has helped him pass through many hard times. He uses his music to express himself to the world. Clouds saw his own potential in music and made the best of it to share his art with others.

It is no shock to see Clouds develop such unique music, considering the city he grew up in. His rapping is more than just beats, they carry emotions and stories that blend smoothly with his melodies.

Clouds released his debut album “Nature Knows No King”, which was inspired by his personal life experiences. Through his album clouds wished to share his personal experiences with listeners rather than focusing on materialistic gains. The album consists of 17 tracks in total, that talk about Kelvin Clouds life journey and his struggles. Some of these tracks are Day Trip, In My Bad, Trappin Ain’t Dead, The One, and 11:11.

The Academy Award Winner Juicy J even gave a shoutout to Clouds for his new album!

Clouds along with being a musician has shown his entrepreneurship through Wav Village, a music production studio, located in Flint. This studio helps plans promote talent by providing aspiring musicians with a platform to help record and market their music.

With his talent Clouds want to inspire people to produce music using their own stories to help touch the heart of other people. His vision is to inspire young rappers to push their talents further and express ideas, thoughts, and emotions in their tracks.

Rich Clay is a rising artist the Wav village is currently working with. He is soon to make his debut through Wav Village. Make sure you follow @wavvillage or @clouds810 on Instagram to see Clouds efforts to help other musicians.

After producing multiple tracks Clouds hard work has finally paid off as he made his fame through his single “Searching For Forever”. Produced by Enrgy Beats, shot and directed by Julien York. Mixed and mastered by Weetloaf and Wav Village, the music video reached 9.1k views on YouTube (Kevin Clouds).  

Clouds has done several collaborations with different artists located in different areas of the US like Michigan and Los Angeles. Some of the artists include Cameron Tyler, King Ca$hes, Lil Hoodi. His Collab with Camerin Tyler – Wrong Time – made it to the best independent music by Broken 8., gaining him more success in the industry. 

As of April 12, Clouds has reached over 100,000 online streams between Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Big Sean, Eminem, and D12 are some popular artists from Michigan known for their pioneering music tracks, and it looks like that Clouds will be catching up to them very soon. 

Clouds is currently working on his new track Cold Heart for his fans which will be dropping out very soon, make sure you’re following him on his socials to stay updated.

You can Listen to Kevin Clouds on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. You can also keep yourself updated by checking him out on Instagram- @clouds810, Facebook- Kevin Clouds, and Twitter- @KevinClouds. He can also be reached out to on his email [email protected]