Kev Lebasi (kev_lebasi)

Kev Lebasi (kev_lebasi)

Kev Lebasi is the talk of the town all over the internet these days! He has attained popularity amongst rap and hip-hop artists due to the amazing and different songs that are his creations. Kev is from Lisboa, Portugal, and creates brilliant music that transcends his audience to a different universe. He articulates the most passionate words into splendid fiery beats that can move an individual’s heart and soul both. His music is available on various platforms and has gained thousands of viewers raving about the astonishing performances in the songs. Kev started from the bottom, working hard every single day to achieve his dreams and he finally is receiving well-deserved attention and appraisal for his work. An artist is unique because of its compositions of beats, and Kev’s work has certainly caught people’s eye as it is new and never seen before.

Kev initiated his YouTube channel only in the year 2020, yet the subscribers on this platform are already skyrocketing with each release of new songs. His first upload of EMC-2 opened a gateway for people to listen to his immaculate form of rap with complete transparency. The music is loud, energetic, fast and the rap allows the audience to resonate with the strong emotions translated in the music. Most of Kev’s music is in Portuguese rap, however, his music is famous worldwide with a range of followers everywhere. Humans are attracted to music that speaks to them and formulates an intimate connection towards their brains. Kev’s songs can capture an entire audience towards them and provide deep meaning to the lively beats too.

Kev’s first album was released in 2018 going by the name ‘Kepler’. The album provided an amusing list of music that were all very different from each other, but every song still having the essence of Kev’s style in them. Afterward, Kev’s career did not stop accelerating as he kept on delivering new singles every few months. The music like always became a symbol of change for Kev’s followers, and something to look forward to in life. Kev also is associated with multiple highly recognized musicians who are producing music in the same genre as him. Artists belonging to Lebasi, a notable band in Portugal are widely linked to Kev Lebasi, as the name suggests as well. They are members, friends, and almost brothers who are building their careers with the same passion for rap and a love for fashioning beats.

Kev’s top singles ‘Paca’, ‘Without Brands’, and ‘BOFAS’ are a must-listen for every rap lover in the world. They are made of different conceptual ideas and lyrics that have a purpose to be sung. One can observe that Kev puts in a lot of effort and thought into his work, as he is talking about things that deeply matter to him. His recent single ‘Lemonade’ in 2021 strikes listeners right in the heart with Kev’s heartfelt written lyrics and the intense manner in which they are rapped. Kev’s songs are perfect to be played at night to chill while relaxing and letting the song release all the stress from inside.

Kev’s Instagram has over 16 thousand followers and as his fame grows so does the fanbase. The Instagram features Kev’s updates on his music releases, concerts, and a glimpse at his personal life as well. Kev posts about his other Lebasi members and promoting other artists to help them.  Kev uses his social media platforms to engage with his fans, and make a gateway for them to learn more about his personal life too. Kev can be contacted on Instagram for work-related inquiries and for personal communication too. His Instagram username is ‘kev_lebasi’. If you are a big fan of rap music and love to seek out songs to jam out your worries, then Kev’s music is made for you. His music is available on multiple sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, and even YouTube.