Kerry Adler (@Powertoworld)

Kerry Adler (@Powertoworld)

Kerry Adler, who goes by the name of Powertoworld on his social media, is an inspired leader and a successful entrepreneur with more than 34 years of experience under his belt. He earned his glorious reputation by being one of the pioneers in leadership in the North American feasible renewable energy industry sector.

Keeping this goal in mind and taking action towards solving it, Kerry founded Skypower in 2003. His passion and dedication highly drive him. This fact is demonstrated by how quickly his company expanded over the years. Soon Kerry’s hard work led to SkyPower Global becoming a top utility-scale solar developer in more than 60+ countries.

Under his visionary leadership, Skypower is helping diverse communities find opportunities to fulfill their needs for investment in clean energy solutions. As a result, Kerry can gain people’s trust and convey his vision to them. This is why more than 25,000 MW of solar projects are currently ongoing under Skypower today. However, there is no doubt that Kerry’s industry is contingent on fulfilling global goals with all its success.

Kerry is an empathetic leader with solid values. He feels strongly about climate change and often voices his concern and advocacy. He is keen on observing how the world is changing and realizes that it is crucial to work for sustainable solutions for clean energy. In 2006, Kerry went out of his way to campaign his vision and successfully brought together experts, investors, and society to support climate change in becoming a legislative priority for Ontario.

Thanks to Kerry and his strong advocacy, Renewable Energy Standard Offer Programme was introduced. This passionate leader wanted small and large businesses to see commercial gain once they transitioned to renewable energy. Surprisingly, very soon, many farmers, businesses, and citizens adapted to Kerry’s vision and got an equal chance to access renewable energy.

A few years later, Kerry focused on another pressing issue of society. His philanthropic nature, devotion to a good cause, and emphatic personality led him to advocate for easy access to public education to help people learn the benefits of clean energy. Kerry also started a campaign called ShineONtario with the solid object of putting an end to Ontario’s coal industry. Like most things in life, Kerry achieved this goal commercially within three years when the state shut down its last coal plant.

Only those people with far-sighted visions are the ones who make a difference in this world, and there is no doubt Kerry Adler is one of those people. Not only did he envision, but he articulated steps towards making SkyPower a global phenomenon after seeing his company do wonders in Canada. Ever since SkyPower became international, it has already aimed to help almost 1.5 billion people who don’t have access to clean energy.

Kerry’s zeal to see the world as a safe place free of climate catastrophes has led him to take many philanthropic steps. For example, he recently promised to donate 3.5 million home solar kits to families in Bangladesh and Kenya. His continuous efforts towards helping humanity and curbing climate crises have earned him several honorable awards, including the United Nations Global Entrepreneur of The Year, UN SDG Champion (SkyPower Global), UN Global Compact Inaugural Pioneer for Climate Action, among others.

SkyPower has earned its trustable reputation as it is a signatory of the United Nation’s Global Compact, an associate of the Climate Bonds Initiative, a member of the Caring for Climate Initiative, and an official champion of COP21. And, the trend shows that the company is only destined for greatness shortly.

It is sometimes hard to visualize such thriving personalities as ordinary human beings. But, despite the plethora of success to his name, Kerry’s down-to-earth personality is depicted through his personal social media accounts. If you want to get to know him better, follow him on Instagram @Powertoworld. You can also check out SkyPower’s official website.