Kendra McMurphy (@kendranwonderland)

Kendra McMurphy (@kendranwonderland)

This article introduces you to a very talented, highly energetic, multi-dimensional, and self-driven personality whose name is Kendra McMurphy.

Kendra McMurphy hails from Michigan, USA, and is an entrepreneur. She runs her full-time business from home and is widely known for her massively successful online business. She succeeded in her business not only because of her self-belief but also because of working and striving so hard. She is independent and promotes Pruvit culture.  She lives a ‘Keto-ish’ lifestyle. The meaning of ‘Keto-ish’ is that one eats low carb and avoids sugar. Kendra had heard about the Ketogenic diet two years ago. Keto is the way to eat, to treat one’s body, and to feel really good and energetic. Kendra has been health and fitness conscious and that’s what had led her to be a health and wellness coach after having her son. Her lifetime goal has been to be super fit. That’s the reason Kendra along with her husband has been using pure therapeutic ketones to support the lifestyle she is living. 

Furthermore, Kendra attended nutrition school after years of the diet roller coaster and became an integrative Health Coach and Personal trainer. She may not be perfect, but she has been passionate about fitness, food and inspiring women to ditch the quick fix and commit to lasting lifestyle changes. According to her, ‘she found health and wellness and learned how to love her body and to feel that balance, she found personal development. She has never lived by chance but by choice and has been pursuing her goals of having a more happy and successful life. Her journey to success had never been free from ups and downs. Only a person of her standing can get through this tough and hardest journey. Her boldness, strength, and vigor have made her be dynamic and adventurer. That’s the reason she has never been afraid of availing herself of any opportunity and facing any risk. She has a long way to go for which she is determined.

Despite being busy in her professional life, she is found to be social and friendly. She loves her family and enjoys playing with her son and spending quality time at her home. Because of her cheerful nature, she knows how to enjoy and make every moment of her life memorable. For fun, one can find her at boot camp, yoga, walking her dogs, or enjoying wine with her family and friends. Besides, she enjoys moderation. In this regard, she says that moderation really feels good to her and she loves how she feels.

Kendra has 7 years old son. She along with her sweet kid loves travelling to different places and states. She has always been an admirer of the beauty of nature and loves exploring it. She is a positive-minded and optimist who stays focused on the positive, happier, and brighter aspects of life. She detests being overwhelmed with negativity and abhors being surrounded by pessimists because she is well aware of the fact that a pessimistic attitude towards life leads one to nowhere. She never gets depressed and demotivated no matter whatever situation she is in. Moreover, Kendra has been a very humble and down-to-earth person. She has been an inspiring personality, and role model for other women around her. 

Apart from this, Kendra remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where she keeps updating her fans and followers about her professional, personal and social life. She has been growing in popularity for she keeps inspiring and motivating others. The number of her followers on her Instagram account is increasing with each passing day and she has been able to garner 30.4k followers. More can be learned about this fascinating figure if she is followed on her social media accounts, the links to which are given below.