Kelechi Ugoanusi

Kelechi Ugoanusi

It is said that life should be lived to its fullest potential, to make sure that you’re getting all the experiences you can get, meeting all the people you can meet and living all the best moments you can live in your life and that exactly, is Kelechi Ugoanusi, widely known as Mazi_Victor’s life moto. Kelechi makes sure that he lives his life to the extreme, embraces every moment that he can, enjoys every day as if it’s the last day, look forward to every next day as a better and more successful one, and plan out the best way he can spend his life. Influencing over 13,000 people on Instagram, sharing his life with all these people, sharing all of his experiences and his achievements with these people, Kelechi makes sure that he shows the best parts of his life to influence as many people to achieve more, to do more as possible.

Kelechi is an Instagram influencer based in the United States and originating from Nigeria, being a proud Nupe. His pride in his originality can be seen through his subtle jokes that show how much he owns his origin and how much he respects his people and the family. Believing in being thankful, he misses no chance to stop and appreciate everything he is given and every experience he can live and is often seen using quotes and words such as “Blessed” and “Thankful” in his Instagram post captions.

Being someone that makes sure that he appreciates every moment of life, Kelechi finds it only natural to give back and appreciate life by supporting others that have it differently and to make them feel loved and is often seen participating in welfare and supportive events such as the Walk for Autism.

In the current age, technology is everywhere and everything. Kelechi is also one of those highly influenced and driven towards technology and is often seen meddling with circuits, Different programs, and hardware. Some of his projects include a Robot that can move around and a Smart Glass and these can be found in his story highlights on his profile and shows how much he’s drawn in my technology by how he sounds obsessed and amused by it.

Exploring new domains and being adventurous is what sets Kelechi apart from the rest of the crowd as he makes sure that he takes every new experience and experiences it himself to make sure that he’s lived it and knows how it feels and this can be observed through things like his outgoing and adventurous nature and how he experienced making his first TikTok.

Apart from experiences, Kelechi is extremely fond of cars. Not the usual, but the most exclusive and luxurious cars on the planet. Being a car enthusiast, Kelechi is often seen driving different exotic cars that you wouldn’t see any normal person driving due to the high price tags. This includes cars such as Maseratis, BMWs, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and many more that he’s seen driving on his Instagram.

Wearing the right outfit on the right occasion can be just as important as closing any successful business deal and can mean a lot. Knowing this very well, Kelechi makes sure that his fashion sense is top-notch and that he is up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and is seen with the best possible outfits as an outfit can define a whole lot about a person. Being someone obsessed with fashion, he’s seen wearing all kinds of different outfits ranging from showing off his well-made body through his extreme efforts at places like the pool, dressing like the coolest guy at the parties to being the gentleman that every woman wants to be with.

Living a crazy life, Kelechi makes sure that he takes all of his Instagram family along his journey and shares his experiences with them while being grateful about them and telling people how they can achieve their dreams if they work hard and stay dedicated and grateful.

Kelechi is highly active on his Instagram and can be followed on @mazi_viktor.