Katie Andelman (@katie.andelman)

Katie Andelman (@katie.andelman)

When people say that one photograph is worth a thousand words, it is true. Especially, in the current times where the primary form of communication is through photos and photography. Photography is also a wonderful method of documentation because it takes a moment in time, freezes it and lets you keep it or share it with many others. Photography is not a low-skilled work but something that is backed with vision and art. All of us have looked at a picture and instantly felt moved by it, that is the power of the photo and the communication done through it.

Photography is also a brilliant way to express oneself. You can get as creative as you want to be with it. Quite a lot of people reduce photography to journalistic or documentary photography of real-life events. Anyone can express themselves creatively without any restriction through photography as a medium. Photography also inspires the person viewing. It inspires you to feel different, to enjoy or to even celebrate moments it depicts. It is a very powerful medium of communication.

Katie Andelman is a creative photographer who is also the Creative Director and Designer behind the clothing brand, Peach and Penny. Despite being based in Colorado in the United States, she has worked internationally. She also is a renowned keynote speaker. Katie’s photography usually uses natural light. She specializes in client-based custom stylized whimsical photoshoots that are curated specially for each of her client’s unique tastes and vision.

Katie has always been very inspired by magic and fearlessness which shines through her work. It feels as if she finds magic and fantastical elements in the world and shows them through her photographs. Katie is also an observer of small moments and actions and collects them like she collects her memories. Katie plans to spend the rest of her life dedicated to the art of photography where she can bring the visions and ideas in her head in material reality. 

Katie does a lot of different kinds of photoshoots including those of child models, dancers, family and maternity, fairy tales, high school seniors and also fine art. Despite covering so many categories, she is so good at all of them! She has a very special talent in making her subjects feel the most comfortable posing for her while she makes sure to take the best shots that are possible. Katie is also an award-winning photographer who has won the Best Maternity Photographers in Denver award in 2020.

Katie also has a Photoshop Action Collection called the “Wonderlust and Whimsy Collection” in a collaboration between her and Bellevue Avenue. Together, they have created a beautiful, magical and fantastical-looking Photoshop Action collection that encompasses Katie’s usual style of photography and groups it into an easy-to-use collection for anyone to use. Katie made sure to include all of her usual basic and advanced editing steps and techniques she uses to make her images look as beautiful as they look so that other people can also make their images look as magical as hers.

Aside from her work as a photographer, Katie also channels her whimsical vision to fashion through her brand, Peach and Penny where every single dress that they sell is unique. All of the products are handcrafted and made with extreme care by seamstresses in Europe and the United States. No two pieces are ever the same. Because all of their dresses are made with extreme care, it is of no surprise that they are not only extremely beautiful but also are made with the most comfortable fabrics that are possible. Katie has successfully been able to carry her magical vision across very different mediums of art. All of her work is always extremely refreshing and magical to look at. One can keep up with her and her work at the Instagram handle @katie.andelman.