Kate Rubenstein (@thakaterose)

Kate Rubenstein is one of the few people who love to care about humanity, nature, sustainable development, and animals. Being a digital content creator, she has achieved a significant number of followers on her social media accounts. With over 10k followers on his Instagram account with username of (@thakaterose), Kate is a star in the making. Also, she always posts different content from other influencers; that’s why she has gained popularity in such a short time. She has over 250k followers on her Tik Tok account. On this platform, she mostly posts content about her daily life activities like reading, photography, hanging out with friends, and bathing at beaches. She makes a lot of visits to different places and later posts on her social media accounts. Many people in the world adore traveling to other places, especially places they have never been before—no wonder most people love to follow her and what she is doing and posting.

She has a lot of concern for nature. She always talks about protecting nature and sustainable development. According to her, healthy ecosystems clean our water, filter our air, preserve our soil, manage the temperature, recycle resources, and provide food. They supply raw materials and resources for medications and other purposes. Moreover, she has pictures of trees and natural views on her Instagram account, showing her love for natural beauty. 

Being a bright student of Ithaca College, she loves to help the student who needs help in admission or anything. On her Instagram profile, she goes live and interacts with many of her followers. She is a kind lady who always wishes to have equality in society. According to Kate, not only does helping others benefit them and is a noble act, but it also improves our well-being. The act of giving links us to others, strengthening our communities, and making the world a better place for everyone. We may also provide our time, thoughts, and energy, not just money. If you need help regarding Ithaca College, Kate will help you for sure. Follow her and get all the recent updates about the college.

Apart from that, she is an animal lover. Therefore, she posts a lot of pictures of pets and animals. Her love for animals has also earned many followers from other people. According to her, “Animals are more loyal than human beings. We feed them, and they take a lot of care of us. They demand loyalty without being fed. He has a vast collection of pictures of his pets. She always loves to post photos of the animal on her Instagram posts. Pet lovers can follow her to see pictures of beautiful pets.

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Apart from the above, she also loves book reading. From her post, one can observe that she spends most of her free time reading books and novels. She read books about life f, production of the environment, sustainable development, nature, and poetry. On weekends, she Goes live on Instagram to talk about the lesson she got from reading multiple books. She also talks about various words reading a book that can improve one’s life. If you are a book reading lover, you must follow her to get information about new worth reading books.

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On weekends, she loves to hang out with friends. She spends most of her free time with her friends traveling. She loves to explore nature and click beautiful pictures of trees and oceans. Being a lover of nature, he always advises people to be kind to nature and not spread pollution. People must achieve sustainable development so the coming generation can feel happy and safe.