Karim El-Mir (@vonkhazen)

Karim El-Mir (@vonkhazen)

Karim El-Mir is an Australian Lebanese author who has an immense thirst for seeking knowledge and insight. Having spent life in multiple countries, Karim has had numerous experiences which have helped shape him into who he is today.

Since a very young age, Karim lived far away from his hometown, and would always be on the move. While traveling to distant locations, he would always carry with him his pen and paper. With his pen, Karim could make every place he traveled to, his home. He would pour his thoughts onto paper and write about the absurdities of life.

Karim’s writings allowed people to make a strong connection with his words and ideas. His works are understood, and are relatable to a large number of people, penetrating their hearts and souls. Karim can speak his mind, in ways that one otherwise cannot.

His thirst for knowledge and his inquisitive nature is what encouraged Karim to think and ponder about the world around him. Karim has released two books thus far, called ‘Journal of Wise Statements’ and ‘Hoping for a Better World’. His books have been read by people across continents and are loved and appreciated.

His first book, called ‘Journal of Wise Statements’ is written in the English language, and was released on the 7th of February 2021. This book is written for people who desire knowledge and insight about the world and its beings. It is a must-read for people who wish to enrich their minds with logic and reasoning. His second book called ‘Hoping for A Better World’ was released in March 2021. It was well-received by readers across the globe. The book is a compilation of thoughts and memories and encourages people to ponder over its words.

Karim believes that one can beware of the unknown through the mind, with active imagination, knowledge, and insight. He also holds the belief that one can achieve eternity through the heart, while a nurtured soul can help reach the divine. Every individual must be aware of what lies within him or her, which would allow a better understanding of oneself. This would subsequently allow people to better understand the world as well, along with the people around them.

To be more aware of oneself, Karim suggests that it is important that one be honest about his or her desires, lust, and greed which feeds our inner soul and existence. In addition to being present within ones’ self, one must also be accepting of the world around them along with the people who inhabit it. This would require a person to treat the people around them with the respect they deserve.

Through his books, Karim hopes to connect with his readers and help them understand themselves and the world around them better. Several worthwhile life lessons and quotes can be found in his books, words which one can live and be inspired by.

Karim El-Mir holds a strong admiration for his late uncle and was greatly inspired by his personality and character. His uncle Khazen, was the epitome of simplicity and sophistication. He had a kind, loving, and highly gracious personality. His radiant being filled color into his life and those around him. Though his uncle has ascended to the heavens, his presence is still felt by Karim. Even today, his uncle’s memory enlightens Karim’s thoughts.

Karim has always been a dreamer and is exceptional with his words and their deeper meaning. It was the ability to feel and perceive different emotions in their entirety that motivated Karim into writing and turned him into an author. Karim believes that people should live life with simplicity. Keeping things simple and nice is what has kept him going. He finds happiness in the smallest of things, be it a bottle of orange juice! The author personally believes that the idea of freedom varies from one individual to another. The definition and sense of freedom might be different for everyone. For him, however, the ability to write and be vocal about how he feels makes him feel as free as a bird!

Readers can look at me Karim El-Mir on Instagram as @vonkhazen. His books are also available on Amazon and can be bought with just a click of a button.