Karen Guzman (@fitness_freakkkk)

Karen Guzman (@fitness_freakkkk)

Striving to upend the new rise in internet culture, a new brand of celebrities has emerged alongside the growing prominence of social media. Known as “Instagram Influencers”, these individuals endeavor to create a unique brand which aims to decrease the gap between star and fans via the power of social media apps like Instagram. Instagram influencers, now dominating the new celebrity scene, can be categorized into various specializations, and once such specialization includes fitness influencers.

Karen Guzman is one such individual who is breaking out into the light of fame with her fitness blog. Going by the username “@fitness_freakkkk”, Karen has managed to amass a whopping eight thousand followers on Instagram, with the numbers increasing by the day. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Karen is a gym enthusiast with an infectious love for living a healthy lifestyle. Her attitude – which is brimming with confidence and contagious energy – is the perfect model for what an influencer requires to flourish in their field. Her love towards her craft cannot be understated and can plainly be observed by her toned body.

But that’s not all Karen loves. A romantic through and through, Karen is married to the love of her life and isn’t afraid to show him off to the world. The happily married couple consists of an adventurous duo, the foolhardy ventures of whom you can stay tuned with via their TikTok account (@the_baraguz_family) which currently sports more than an impressive two hundred thousand followers. Married in 2018, the adventurous life of Karen and her husband can be found on her Instagram stories, where the star has generously captured the story of their marriage from start to finish so that no fan of her misses out on such a marked celebration of her life. Always eager to spread the message of love and positivity, Karen does not stop at spreading that joy to the word even through her marriage.

Raised in a loving house and sister to two other siblings, Karen has plenty of love to go around. She is not shy of showing off her love and is a strong supporter of her younger sister in all the ways you would expect. This fierce attitude to be true to herself only adds to Guzman’s charisma and is one of the most lovable traits about her – pulling in people with her infectious positivity and bright smile, she seems full of unconditional love and support – something he isn’t afraid to dish out to any of her fans when they need some. Similarly, Karen makes sure that her fans realize her love for the country of origin – the Dominican Republic. The young woman oft displays herself having fun on her family farm, helping people see that you don’t need money to have fun. Her motto is that if giving time to yourself happens at the expense of your pocket, you’re doing something wrong.

In the same vein, Karen’s love for herself is something she refuses to shy away from. Other than making it clear that she is her own role model and inspiration when it comes to working out, the young influencer always makes sure that she advocates habits that promote self-love to her audience. Her stories are filled with her love for gardening and how her nurturing attitude aids her in finding the motivation she needs to keep herself healthy too. As they say, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

An avid supporter of living your best life, the up-and-coming celebrity makes sure to follow through on her promise in each aspect of her life. From loving her family and husband to loving herself by practising a healthy lifestyle and indulging in her hobbies, Karen is always one to promote a “stay true to yourself” message to the world. It is no wonder then, that this fitness influencer is on the rise and we cannot wait to see where her journey leads her next.