K-Pop Artist (@0k._.e2)

K-Pop Artist (@0k._.e2)

Whether one likes it or not, K-Pop (Korean pop music) is a global phenomenon that is all over the internet and real-life landscapes. K-pop artists have taken over a variety of genres as they range from hip hop to electronic to pop to rock and to R&B. Aside from the music they make, K-Pop artists are also known for their otherworldly visuals that include elaborate dance routines and alternative universes all included in their music. It is a whole world of insane visual effects, perfectly synchronized choreography and the most colourful of outfits.

K-Pop artists work extremely hard for years even for their work to look as good as it does eventually when it is out. Usually, artists are recruited through South Korean entertainment agencies and then also undergo special training so that they can specialize in vocals, dance, rap and language classes. It is only after several hard years of intense and rigorous training that they can debut as an artist and release music under their name. This hard work pays off as the result, the music and the visuals, just show the hard work that has gone behind it.

One such K-Pop artist is Kim EunByeol, Under the wing of Shooting Stars Entertainment agency, EunByeol is best known for her covers of popular K-Pop songs and albums. She releases all of them on her YouTube channel, Official 김은별 (Kim EunByeol). So far, she has covered BLACKPINK, BTS, SUNMI, CLC, Everglow, BLACKPINK JENNIE, TAEYEON, IU, SOMI, BTS V and BTS Jung Kook. Some of the songs that she has covered include Who, Stay Gold, Winter Bear, We All Lie, Stay with Me, Gotta Go, Boy with Luv and Kill This Love.

Aside from K-Pop covers, EunByeol also posts makeup tutorial videos and also talks about her daily routine involving skincare. She has been asked a lot about what she does to take care of herself and she revealed on her Instagram account that her favourite skincare products involve facial masks, creams, staying cool and drinking loads and loads of water regularly. She encourages all of her fans and followers to stay hydrated as it is how she primarily takes care of her skin.

While EunByeol has a very active presence on social media with all of the work she puts out, she had been on a hiatus for three months which was very uncharacteristic of her. During the hiatus, she did not put out any of the solo covers she usually does. EunByeol took this time off to take care of her health. Knowing that nothing comes before staying healthy, EunByeol ad her company decided on the three-month break.

For EunByeol, her fans and her fandom, known as Starlight fandom, is very important. Due to her unexpected hiatus, the Starlight fandom was unsurprisingly worried about her. While addressing her fans, EunByeol promised that she is preparing for a comeback cover song at the moment that she would release soon. She also revealed that she had been sick with COVID which left her unable to take part in her usual routine. While she has recovered now and is working on her upcoming projects, she made sure to wish for her fans to be happy and healthy as well.

EunByeol is currently preparing for her first cover single album to be released. Her upcoming comeback is scheduled to span across April and May which would include several music video teasers, concept photos, teaser photos, album previews and posters before the eventual release of her album on the seventh of May. This is going to be one of EunByeol’s biggest projects to date that her fans, Starlights, have been eagerly waiting for. one can join EunByeol’s growing fanbase, Starlight, by following her on her Instagram page or subscribing to her YouTube channel.