JUSTBEATZ (@justbeatzzz)

JUSTBEATZ (@justbeatzzz)

As one of the notable American rappers, Macklemore, said, “music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine.” Many people in this world call music their true home, as they feel it is a place where they feel welcomed for being just the way they are. Thankfully, there are some people who discern the impact music can make and want to help others by spreading music all around the world. Out of myriad individuals, Justin Garner is worth talking about.

Justin Garner, who is professionally known as JustBeatz, is a soaring music producer from Los Angeles, California.  He is currently part of this prevalent producing group called Beat Gang, along with his fellow producer KDE Beats, which they inaugurated in late 2020. He is prominently known for DJing as that is how he jumped started his career.

Everyone draws inspiration from someone. For Justin, that inspiration came from his own home in the form of his father because the music was a second home to his father as well. His father even produced songs for Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, and WWE Aggression albums. Peering at his father’s never-ending passion, Justin knew since the age of seven that he belongs in the embrace of music too. Eventually, he started his quest of becoming a music producer by DJing at parties and small family events. Many deemed it was just a phase that would ultimately end, but for Justin, it was like a dream come true; with every event, he found himself sinking in music even more than before. This is why due to his diligence and perseverance, he began getting more gigs around Los Angeles and the Valley. It was in 2015 when Justin finally began experimenting with music production. It was like an instant spark. This was when he started reaching out to artists to collaborate with and improve his sound.


Justin Garner kept his nose to the grindstone, and since he sowed the seed of relentless hard work and determination, it reaped into endless doors of opportunities. For instance, he then produced for Azjah, Marty Grimes, WWE Superstar Lio Rush. He even did a musical composition for Kehlani’s Flora Living App in 2018.

Being in this field for more than five years, Justin Garner has many memorable memories to reminisce about. Yet, there is one in specific that he could never look back at without having a broad smile on his face. It is when Justin worked with Hundo because Hundo was one artist with whom Justin built an extraordinary and wholesome relationship in the early stages of his career. With Hundo, Justin achieved a brotherly bond that he didn’t know was possible, which made him realize how music can even create bonds stronger than blood. To this day, he hasn’t been able to achieve that with anyone else. Perhaps this is why they were able to release masterpieces together, such as “This Is Not The Album” in August of 2019, along with “Quarantine EP” in March of 2020.

To promote his work to a more widespread audience, Justin made an Instagram account, @justbeatzzz, where he posts about everything he has been doing. He currently has seven thousand followers, which is gradually increasing just like his popularity.

No matter what profession you are in, making a name for yourself is not a serene feat since you need something more than just talent, perseverance, and diligence. There is no doubt in admitting that Justin Garner is one of those individuals who are a true inspiration. One trait that sets him apart from the rest is how he is so passionate about creating music that he can see an entire song through till the end, a quality found only in true musicians. His journey is a lesson for all who feel a connection with music but are too scared to risk it all. JUSTBEATZ