Julian Jermaine (@ officialjulianjermaine)

Julian Jermaine (@officialjulianjermaine)

Describing the beauty of art does not count for any hard and fast method. It can be expressed

through painting, crafting, music, photography or maybe as quotidian as expressing love in everyday relationships.

One such admirer of art and its beauty is an American rapper and lyricist, Julian Jermaine. Wearing multiple hats at a time, Julian is savouring his roles of being a musician, a lyricist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a devoted family man, and a tender friend. However, music remains one of his favourite languages for expressing his perception of art and beauty.

From a young age, Julian loved to express himself through writing and poetry which ultimately laid the base for his skills as a lyricist. As Julian grew up, he began idealizing some of the famous rappers of the classical and hip hop genre.

Joining the bits and pieces of words and synchronizing them upon a steady stream of music is the kind of art Julian adores the most and the kind of art he dedicated his passion towards.

The dominant genres of Julian’s songs are Hip Hop and Rap as Julian believes that certain light and fancy beats can conveniently deliver deep and soothing messages that people are unknowingly in need of.

The path towards success for Julian was marked with several ups and downs and those uneven turns were exactly the thrill Julian wanted from his life. Entertaining the crowd and responding to their emotions has always been one of his specialities whether his performance glowed in an underground rap battle or sparked in a full-fledged concert.

Some of the most famous crafts of Julian Jermaine are Red Carpet, Fed Up, Immortal, Go and Get it, and Duppy Freestyle. His records in 2019 achieved around 1.9k streams and 1.6k listeners on Spotify. Other than that, Julian already enjoys the privilege of having 3k plus monthly listeners on his Spotify account.

The music of Julian Jermaine, one of the finest lyricists and rappers of the American music industry, witnesses the bliss of stealing the show on multiple platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, and Tidal. Awaiting with all their hearts and souls, his fans are always found ready to hit the records as soon as his songs are released.

Julian’s latest album, ‘SUPREME VENDETTA I’ is on its way to hitting the floor this year. As per Julian, he has exclusively designed this album to provide absolute solace to the ears of his die-hard fans. Art is subjective and so are the artistic expressions manifested in Julian’s music. Instead of chasing the industry standards, Julian’s music aims for the hearts of his fans. Having said that, Julian has created Supreme Vendetta I on the same lines.

The expression of art does not recognize any boundaries to it and neither does Julian. Excelling in his passion and his life, Julian decided to further broaden his expertise and thus, entered the risk-taking field of entrepreneurship. Hence, with the name of ‘THE TRUE SOALE,’ Julian soon intends to initiate his own clothing and merchandise line providing the fragments of art in the everyday apparel of people.

The reason for Julian’s success is the fun he derives from his work. For Julian, an individual’s action shall speak for his morals as one of his favourite sayings goes like, ”What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.” Giving such motivational tips and tricks, Julian also aims to foster a positive impact on society through his words and his experiences. Julian believes that people shall take control of their lives by making themselves accountable to their passion and loved ones.

To know more about Julian’s life and inspirations you can follow him on his Instagram account @officialjulianjermaine. Moreover, you can stay updated with his latest release on his Spotify and YouTube account named Julian Jermaine.