JS Atwal

JS Atwal

An Indian singer and songwriter, J S Atwal has a strong passion for writing and making music. He was determined to create the kind of music which would impact his audience and speak to their hearts. Through his melodious voice, Atwal has the skill to bring his lyrics to life.

Born with a beautiful and unique voice, singing was something Atwal was destined to pursue. Growing up, Atwal had a very strong musical sense and enjoyed listening to music. He knew he had the music talent, and decided to pursue it for a career.  Atwal’s songs are fun and upbeat, with highly relatable lyrics. The kind of music he creates makes the listener want to turn the volume up high and sing the lyrics at the top of his lungs.

One of the most recent musical releases by Atwal is a song called ‘Sharabi Teri Tor’. The song talks about how one can feel intoxicated by someone’s beauty, allowing it to consume you. It can put a person in a trance, making it very hard to return to one’s senses. The song was released on the 12th of June and featured the popular rap artist who goes by the name Bohemia. The music video is a must-watch and is very well shot. The video features the singers along with a female muse, Lola Gomez. The song is extremely catchy, and can quite easily keep the listeners hooked to it. The song is sung in the Punjabi language and has a very funky beat to it. The music video is very fun and quirky and adds to the experience of the song. The video was released on YouTube in June 2020, and has over 2.7 million views and almost 3 thousand comments!

Soon after its release, the song became viral on social media, particularly on TikTok. Numerous TickTockers moved to the beat of the song and sang along, filming themselves while doing so. Some even filmed themselves performing well-choreographed dances to the popular song. The song was a major hit both locally as well as internationally!

Atwal believes that it is very important to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and be in the present. Working in the entertainment industry can surely take a toll on a person. It is important that one sits back, and spends time with the people they love and care about. According to Atwal, hard work and persistence can take a person a long way. It is important that one keeps struggling and striving to be better, as nothing in life comes easy.

JS Atwal has a very humble nature, and thanks and appreciates his fans for all their love and admiration. He uses their support as an encouragement to work harder and produce better music for his audience. The love of his fans makes his efforts worthwhile. With his music, Atwal tries to entertain people and have them move to his beats!

Atwal is very active on his social media accounts and posts regular updates regarding his latest musical releases and live events. He can be followed on Instagram as @atwalinsta. The singer is very popular on social media with over 73 thousand followers! J S Atwal also has his website: https://jsatwal.com/ which features the latest updates about his new songs, his music videos, and photos.