Joyce Levy

Joyce Levy

Traveling plays an important part in making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It surely brings positive changes to the traveler’s life and gives a vibe of being alive and active. It is one of the most delightful experiences of mankind. Man can never be static and thus love changes. They grow weary of their routine and wish to break the dullness of their daily life. Practical experience of things is increased by traveling, on the same thought Joyce Levy traveling experience shows that she is fond of traveling and gaining experience of different cultures. Joyce loves to travel and we can say that’s traveling is her passion.

Joyce is an explorer by nature. She has blazed the trail in going to new places. She has come across people of different races, religions, castes, regions, etc. From her home town Bordeaux, she has traveled to many places to admire their beauty and to discover all the mesmerizing things and places this world has. Dubai, Angola, Spain, Cape Town, Portugal, Singapore, Italy, and the list goes on where she stepped and discovered all these places. Joyce makes sure that her followers must feel all the places she is discovering. With more than thirty thousand followers on her Instagram, she posts beautiful pictures of all the places she has visited.

Making traveling her passion, Joyce also owns a website named “Freedom to Travel” on which she posts all her discovered things whether it’s regarding the places she travels or the favorite meal she ate there. Sharing her experience of 6 years on this blog, she made this site to help the other travelers and make their plans good enough. She created this blog to share the advice, good plans, and the experience that she was able to obtain. She visited quite several places but still her wish list of travel is full and surely she will discover all those places for sure. She works on the quote that a good traveler can easily educate others.

A traveler is the one who tries to learn every detail about the places he or she visit. The power of observation of the traveler is also very sharp, they make a picture of the places they visit in their mind which may not be forgotten same as Joyce does. They meet new people learn about new cultures and have more opportunities to make new friends than the people who do not travel usually. Travelers like Joyce develop a universal outlook. Also, they are more close to nature and its beauty, charm, and quietness are the feast for their as well as heart.

Joyce is a fun and adventure-loving girl other than travel her life surrounds by her friends, gym, and sport. Her friends nicknamed her “queen of good deals”. Joyce surely enjoys a bit of her life and knows how to celebrate every moment. Although Joyce has visited and explored many places and learned about many cultures Cape town is always on the top. According to her latest Instagram post Cape town owns her heart. Joyce owns her skin like a boss lady and promotes owning your skin no matter what.

Talking about Joyce’s travelling blog, you will see different interesting articles on her site. She has shared her different experiences and tried to summarize them for all the other people who are passionate about travelling. The one who wants to discover something new and wants good advice about the place must read her blog. Some of the main blogs on her site, have information about the places you must visit in Malaysia, why you should visit Cape town, and even you can get information about where to eat oysters in Cap Ferret, and many others. If you want to see a lively and colourful profile you must visit Joyce on Instagram at and to have some information about the places she visited you will have to go to the site