Jovell Bailey (@jovell_bailey)

Jovell Bailey (@jovell_bailey)

Jovell Bailey is a 23-year-old American-Jamaican singer, songwriter, model and actor. He’s best known for his roles in Investigation Discovery’s: Pandora’s Box and The Silent Film: American Quartet. His background works include roles in American Saga, Power, Broad-city, The Blacklist and more. He was born in Jamaica and migrated to the US at the age of 12. Before migrating, he was always active in his church where he was in the children’s choir, this was where he initially started his musical career.

He’s the youngest child of parents: Beverly and Derrick and has five loving siblings. His entire family has always been incredibly supportive of his dreams. They’d take turns driving him to auditions from Connecticut to New Jersey without ever making him feel like a nuisance. He attributes all his success to them, it was because of the never-ending love and support of his family, that he could reach where he is today. Jovell aspires to make them and himself proud, making sure that the sacrifices his family made for him, weren’t in vain.

Growing up, Jovell had a very bad stutter, and the only time he ever got the words out clearly, was when he sang them. The first-ever American concert that he performed in, was at an opening event for a Jamaican-African based dance group in the Bronx that his sister, Nadia, had gotten him into.  He was extremely nervous since he knew he had to force himself to overcome his stutter and appear cool and confident on stage. He did stutter in the beginning, but once he started singing, all his worries went away and he lost himself in the music. Since then, he uses music as his therapy ever since and combined with his deep breathing exercises, he has managed to overcome his stutter.

Jovell specializes in songwriting. He has been writing songs for around nine years now. When he was fourteen years old, he would pray to God to make his dreams come true and slowly, he turned his prayer into a song titled “Living God” which he released in his first album which just came out in March of this year. Jovell is a singer-songwriter in every sense of the term since he has written songs for nearly every genre of music. What sets him apart is the fact that given the music chords, space and a measly thirty minutes, he can come up with a song that’s worth listening to. He enjoys his craft so much because to him it’s more than just writing songs, but an escape. He can look through the eyes of the person he writes his songs about as he writes about their situation.

Having just dropped his first album, Jovell is currently focusing on promoting his music while writing songs for other artists and himself. Moving forward, Jovell wants to write more meaningful songs, that speak to, and move people. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and is aware of the struggles and sacrifices he will have to make to get to where he wants to go, but he is ready to put in the work to achieve his dreams. Success for him is having the opportunity to make music that he wants to make, for a living. He dreams of performing at Coachella and watching people enjoy his music in the crowd. His goal isn’t to become very famous but to keep his family and himself content and happy. Success to him is giving his all to his music and seeing it touch other people’s lives, helping them get through the hard times in their life.

Jovell is very active on various social media platforms, you can catch him on Instagram under @jovell_bailey where he has a following of more than ten thousand people. Here, he shares with his followers the latest updates about his music, collaborations and more. He is extremely humble and down to earth, always interacting with his followers and makes them feel extra special by replying to their comments personally. His first album is out now and can be found on all major music streaming platforms.