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Jotib (

In a world where with the rise of the internet, it has become that much easier to communicate and freely talk about your interests without feeling judged or scrutinized, blogging has become more akin to an art form than the previously held title of a mere ‘hobby’ which people engaged in it with. Popularized with the emergence of the internet – where blog hosting sites such as ‘WordPress’ and its more popular counterpart ‘Blogger’ reined over the online space in the early 2000 – and redefined in the age of social media and its inevitable rise, the advent of blogging has since been, slowly but surely, elevated to a new plane.

A common misconception usually held by those existing outside these online pockets’ strife with passionate discussions, heated debates, and intriguing revelations – most still mistakenly hold on the belief that blogging is but a time-passing activity performed by those with nothing better to do in life. Never mind how the art of blogging has been transformed into an entrepreneurial adventure for many an individual who has managed to turn from ‘intense hobbyist’ to ‘Instagram Influencer’; what with everything from brand deals and exclusive celebrity status, this motion of ‘misguided loners’ can only be regarded as misguided at best and demeaning at worst.

The art of blogging is something one masters, like with most skills, time, and patience. From choosing the best platform which caters to your blog’s specificities to choosing an eye-catching name that briefly describes your brand (because yes, blogging is a brand that is based upon your self-expression and identity) and using the right hashtags to help your niche reach the right people, blogging is more akin to an art than a mere passing hobby most people make it out to be.

Sporting over one hundred and sixty thousand followers – who are steadily on the rise with each passing moments, Jotib or “” is a blogger who has managed to gain notoriety and a more than moderate amount of fame within the niche community she inhabits within the sphere of Instagram – the more popular of the few blog spots in this age of social media. With interests spanning wildly different areas of the blogging spectrum, this enthusiastic blogger has no qualms with breaking the traditional mold of a typical blog in favor of just sharing her interests with all those willing to listen. As an avid fan of fashion, actors, and the entertainment industry as a whole to sporting quite a talent for photography and even showing an enthusiastic love for football (if you couldn’t guess by looking at her feed, is aligns herself with the ‘Paris Saint-Germains’ (PSG)) – Jotib is quite the enigmatic personality.

Following their interests, this complex blogger makes sure to let the world behold them in all their glory – from posting pictures regarding their favorite runway dresses to wishing PSG well on their matches to posting pictures regarding the fantastical trips around the globe, Jotib’s Instagram, if to be summed up in a couple of words, could be described a ‘scrap book’ or an ‘online craft project’ where through the visual medium, they manage to share their interests in an avid detail.

But that’s not all Jotib’s blog contains; an adventurer at heart, they are sure to share the most ethereal moments in their journey with all their followers so that they, too, could be beholden to the wonders around the world. Further, as someone with a soul full of conviction and morals equally as strong, Jotib is not one to shy away from voicing out against injustices – be it locally or abroad, this enigma makes sure to play their part in ensuring voices of those wronged are elevated and heard.

“My aim with this blog is for people to find an escape from the daily monotony of their lives by engaging in their interests with someone who shares them,” says Jotib. And we assure you, that’s a promise they consistently deliver on.